Album Review: Manatee Commune

Manatee Commune
Self Released

Manatee Commune’s debut album, Brush, synthesizes sounds to escalate you above the clouds. The EDM chill-wave masterpiece takes you to a higher plane where you auditory senses overload with serene frequencies and atmospheric vibrations, fashioning a force of tranquil sensations which reverberate to elevate as gravity releases through the resonance of Brush.
The album begins with the track “White Smoke” featuring vocals by Marina Price. Smooth as silk, the flow of the song builds and layers seamlessly. The presence of Price’s vocals is lovely, there is an angelic air interwoven throughout the heavenly themed tune.  The beat gathers depth while harp chords and the soft sound of rain drops texturize the melody and portray a vivid picture of the nature and essence of White Smoke.
You hear the pitter-patter of sticks falling from the sky and the songs of sparrows amongst a morning drizzle as “Epiphany, If Only” arises. The rhythm all falls into one continuous wave as the soft voices, ambient synthesizer, and heavy drums all meld into one.  A marvelous combination of tones, breaks, and drive make it one of the standouts on the album.
“Island” features the sound of distant wind chimes as you can almost hear the sun setting.  The balance is settling, to which Manatee Commune introduces even more unique sounds such as the graceful twine of a violin in a melodic dance with the ever-evolving synth lines. “Lavender” featuring Vervex presents astronomical sounds with a galactic quality.  It possesses a celebratory vibe as the triumphant chant speaks atop the tune as it rides through the universe like a comet caught in orbit around the sun.
Each track in Brush bleeds into the next, it feels organic. The album taken as a whole rather than a collection of songs is unswerving in themes and style, yet it changes, evolves, and ripens until the very end.  The music is can induce trance-like feelings, you can let it wash over you like a shower or a cool breeze and feel absolutely amazing for doing so.  Brush is inherently peaceful, it maintains characteristics of chill-wave EDM while adding its own taste to the pallet.  A creative and inspiring work, these are tracks you can meditate to, study to, or just chill to – relaxation for those who are weary, invigoration for those who seek rejuvenation.
The final song on the album, “Weather” features an array of strings – guitar, violin, mandolin, all in beautiful harmony to create a real expression of the benevolence of nature.  Listening to the track might take you back in time to a Zen garden in an ancient Japanese culture.  Or maybe it’ll transport you to the future after this life when you’re reincarnated as an eagle soaring above the peaks in mountain ranges in the Himalayas. Listening to Brush will entice the imagination, its assortment of electronic chill-wave tracks could lead you wherever your mind is willing to go.
The talented artistic and musical Manatee Commune expressed remarkable creativity, ingenuity, and freshness in Brush.
–Mark Broyles