Album Review: MT$

Eyez Low II
Self Released

Mike Taylor aka MT$ wants you to know that when it comes to the rap game “Get Up Out The Way,” his new mixtape “Eyez Low II” is 17 songs of fire tracks and hard ass rhymes. The album is full of features from other local rappers such as Deadly D, Kyle Vest and Young Slim which gives the album a nice B-town flavor.
On the track “My City, My Team” featuring Y.B.V we hear this Northwest flavor with lines such as “What’ 3-6 without 0? This Whatcom County shit is what I’m really bout so, we going in but I don’t think we ever coming out so.”
The vibe of the album ranges from dark and ominous tracks such as “Sweet Nightmare,” to some funked out songs such as the track “F#ck it Up” featuring Deadly D, which samples some Funkadelic drums and has some serious bounce. With all the Seahawks love in full force MT$ drops a serious anthem for Seattle’s favorite squad on the track “Squad Up.” There are a ton of great references and punchline on this album so you may need to give it a couple listens before you get all the clever word play.
The album was recorded at Hell’s Kitchen studio with Young Slim and the production quality of the album is very well done. The beats have some serious bump and the vocals are clean and well recorded. There is a good variety to the mix tape and MT$ keeps his flow switched up on each track. MT$ recently had his CD release party  and is playing another show May 3 at the Shakedown. Download MT$ Eyez Low II online at
-Mike Roe