Album Review: The Drugs

The Drugs
The DRxgs
Self Released

The Drugs’ first LP The DRxgs has nothing to hide. Behind biting noise and natural distortion, lead singer and songwriter, Nic Keefe, strains his voice to a maniacal extreme.
Imagine if Adam Duritz was the lead singer of Sonic Youth and you may hear The DRuxgs. The record sounds distorted, lazy, loud and natural, like it was engineered at a house party. The guitar, bass and drums blur together in wobbly 4/4. With lyrics like “I make love and get high, you lay in bed for a while with a smile, if you want to get high you’re gonna get high,” it’s overbearingly clear that Nic Keefe doesn’t give a f#ck.
Overall, the The DRxgs sounds like a rough draft to a punk- rock slogan. The unfinished element of the record lies in its lack of a genuine anti-establishment motive. There’s no festering disgust, no conflict. There’s just Nick getting wasted and singing about getting wasted.  There’s no wonder, no empowering punk-rock sensation of feeling alive. The songs feel forced– off beat and out of tune major melodies layered with throaty shouts to plant the memo of: hey everyone, I’m stoned.
The passion is there, undoubtedly, in over-boarding tones and raw disdain. That passion is just so limited by shallow demeanor. The record doesn’t explore that irrepressible nature nor does it take on the modern demon of youth.
–Hillary Susz