Album Review: The Hashtronaut

The Hashtronaut
Self Released

Local hip hop artist The Hashtronaut, also known as Hash Adams, teamed up with beat engineer Blockhead for his latest full length release, Blockheaded. The epic 25-track album is a wide ranging masterful combination of hearty verses from Adams and refined production. Blockheaded serves as yet another example that though hip hop is underrepresented in Bellingham, the small community does not lack talent and professionalism.
With a clear respect for the artists who paved the way, in both the lyrics and sample-based beats, Adams is a blend of the past and present. At times sounding like a student of the early West Coast stoner groups like Cypress Hill, yet also showing the ability of a more modern overpowering vocal, Adams sounds like the lovechild of B-Real and Action Bronson. The album features multiple emcees and singers delivering guest vocals, from other local artists to the likes of Tame One, a founding member of the legendary early 90’s duo Artifacts. Adams makes the album all his own however, with relentless drawn out verses that flow effortlessly. Thought it’s hard to pick out a highlight among the collection of hard hitting tracks, “Delusions of Grandeur” may be the best representation of Adams’ hook oriented style.
This is not a hack hip hop mixtape. Adams is serious about what he does, and the quality is nothing short of professional. Download the full album for free at
-Ian Fitch