Live Review: wild throne, tacos, tartufi, gaytheist

april 5 • the shakedown

Opening up this epic show were Tacos, which features ex-Sugar Sugar Sugar drummer Lupe Flores, along with Don Stewart on guitar. I’d been exposed to the two-piece through their live set on KEXP, which made me really excited for the show. Utilizing both Lupe and Don on vocals help set their sound apart, especially with the difference in their styles. Stewart’s being a lot more hoarse than Flores, it creates a compelling dynamic between the two.
Tartufi were next, and despite being a three piece, they have a huge sound. The vocalist has three separate microphones with different effects, alternates between guitar/bass, and their music tends to be very loop heavy. They’re a band with an excellent sense of atmosphere; the way their songs swell, repeat, and build makes it easier to get lost in. Their influences are all over the place, it makes a comparison hard to spot even though you can hear bits of everything from the Kinsella brothers various projects, to electronica, to the Pixies.
Wild Throne played third. I’ve caught them a bunch of times and they’re one of my favorite bands in town. The trio never fail to deliver and tonight was no exception. Reviews of their recently released EP have all been overwhelmingly positive with comparisons to Mastodon, Judas Priest, and many others. I don’t have a lot to say in terms of describing the prog/metal trio that hasn’t been said before, but I will say if you’ve never seen them or heard Blood Maker yet you’re doing yourself a disservice and you’re also like so totally two weeks ago.
Gaytheist, “an almost metal band” in their own words, closed the show. They were probably the catchiest band of the night. Their riffs are equal parts heavy as they are anthemic, juxtaposing sludgy bass riffs with thrashing riffs with just the right amount of pop thrown in there. They made irreverent jokes that had the punk in me squealing. They also dressed so cute.
Overall, it was another night of great rock at The Shakedown! What else could you want?
–Ethan Smith