Live Reviw: andreilien, kozmo, jedi training camp, dubjavu

april 11 • wild buffalo

The Wild Buffalo hosted intergalactic DJ/Producer Andreilien (Heyoka) and his unique brand of dubstyle bass music on April 11. Accompanied by other DJs including Kozmo, Jedi Training Camp and Dubjavu, there was more than enough wobble, glitch and sonic speaker mashing to keep the crowd moving throughout the night. With a fantastic lineup, a stage design and light show brought alive by local promoters Jedi Training Camp, Acorn Productions and Bassdrop Music, and local vendors lining the outside walls of the club, the night had a great festival style vibe. There was even a guy dancing around in a dinosaur suit, so you knew the night would be fun.
The show started with Dubjavu, who blending some heavy beats with crazy dubstep bass and some cool samples to create a very original blend of music. The dance floor was in full swing by the time Jedi Training Camp took the stage. JTC dropped some major breaks and mixed all different genres of bass music all with some abstract sounds thrown in for good measure. The energy of the night was building stronger at Kozmo took the stage. Kozmo has a very original sound and created his set from a minimalist approach, to a fast paced drum and bass mix.
The headliner of the night, Andrilien (Heyoka), brought the night full circle with his stellar original music which has made him a staple on the bass music scene of recent years. Using his trigger pad and Ableton Live this artist who was abducted, cosmically probed and reassembled in a cosmic lab on the planet Marklar, shared his glitched out sounds with the crowd. Andrilen’s set was very creative and his use of warped rhythms and layered textures made the walls of the Buffalo pulse with sound and energy. It was a fun night for Bellingham’s EDM fans and hopefully this promotion team will bring more shows like this in the future.
–Mike Roe