Live Review: candysound LP release show, city hall, the female friends

May 2• the mini

On a rainy evening on May 2, local house show provider The Mini was filled to the brim to celebrate the release of Bellingham fixture Candysound’s eagerly awaited full-length LP. With new songs in their arsenal and some of the area’s best up and coming local indie acts to support, the show was filled with talent. Each act soared, providing their own unique sounds while leaving the bill feeling cohesive and tight and leaving the listener wanting more from every group.
Newcomers City Hall were up first. Featuring members of Bellingham favorites Palisades, Soccermom and Vervex, there were definitely some expectations to live up to, but City Hall smashed them out of the park with their fresh take. City Hall played some of the most aggressive and expressive indie rock I’ve heard in a while, and it was truly refreshing. It’s not often an opening band leaves you wanting more, but they held themselves with an air of experience not often found in new bands. My first thought after their set was, “Damn, when is their next show?” Mashing together classical fluidity, rhythmic syncopations and a tinge of punk rock grunge, City Hall have crafted some indie rock songs unlike any other and are more than worthy of being checked out.
Next on the bill came Seattle out-of-towners The Female Fiends. I’ve heard the genre “Dream Pop” thrown around quite a bit, and this is one band that can be confident in that label. Reverb drenched guitars, ambient backing synth and simple, yet throbbing drums launched the songs forward leaving the listeners toe-tapping through a field of clouds. The band was satisfyingly dynamic with the bass laying down thick grooves while the guitars worked together to make sure that all aspects of the musical spectrum were covered. I always appreciate when an indie band gives some appreciation to their guitar leads. I expect these guys to work up the food chain throughout their career and their music was a perfect lead-up to the grand finale.
Having last seen Candysound when they were a two-piece, it would be an understatement to say that their sound has matured. What was always good has been made awesome and filled out by the full 4-member band. You can tell that these dudes understand each other musically and it really showed through their effortless set. Their new music evoked imagery of looking through old photo albums of your life; the emotions the pictures make you feel range from happy to somber, but in the end, no matter the good or bad, it’s all of those experiences that made you who you are. Candysound achieves this deftly, morphing through a wide range of emotions through their indie-pop toned set. The feelings and undertones changed frequently throughout but the band always sounded honest and undeniably Candysound.
Their new music really impressed and I am confident that this new album will get them some more recognition that they surely deserve.
–Raleigh Davis