Triple Crown: He’s got the Beat

By the time some of you read this, California Chrome will have won the Belmont Stakes, becoming the first horse to win horse racing’s Triple Crown since Affirmed took the prize in 1978. Or not. However, here in Bellingham, we have had the fortune of witnessing the greatness of a Triple Crown every week for years: DJ Triple Crown!
As a member of the local DJ collective Blessed Coast, Triple Crown has been rocking the ones and the twos for years, and their Wild Out Wednesdays have become one of the most popular events in town. Mixing today’s hottest dancehall, reggae, hip-hop and EDM, Triple Crown has become known for his signature blend of bass pounding dancefloor hits and his own original remixes. He is also a producer, making music for U.S. and international artists, as well as musicians on the Blessed Coast.
So what drives Triple Crown to keep making music and who is the man behind the beats and “riddims,” that he has become known for? Triple Crown began his career as a professional DJ when the program Serato came out and changed the world of music forever. Serato is a hardware and software package that allows DJs to mix music from their laptop with the same feel and functionality as vinyl.
“At the time everyone was on vinyl still, so I’d roll through parties with my serato set up and play remixes and new stuff that wasn’t in circulation on wax yet and before too long, I was getting booked for more gigs,” Triple Crown said. “I was excited about the ability to expose people to some music that wasn’t being played yet.”
Technology has always been a big part of DJing and producing music. With Serato, DJs could now spin their own original music without having to press it to vinyl or using CDJs (digital CD mixing) and DJs could still use their own tables and mixer to control the music digitally. “For DJing, I’ve been stuck on technic turntables and rane mixers,” Triple Crown explained. “But for production I’ve gotten a lot out of Ableton. I like the ability to make a beat or produce a song anywhere I go with just a laptop and a keyboard.” With these advancements in technology, Triple Crown is able to make music whenever inspiration strikes.
So what is it that keeps inspiring Triple Crown to make music and keep DJing? “I love watching the reaction of people getting all crazy when one of their favorite songs gets dropped,” he said. “Dancehall fans can get especially creative when a big record comes on.”
It’s that reaction from that crowd that has kept Triple Crown working and collaborating with other artists. “I’ve got some insane dance record collaborations finished, but can’t really talk about them until they get cleared by the other artists labels,” he said. “I’ve also got a some singles we’ve been preparing to release, everything from reggae to Dutch House and EDM. I’m also working on a three disc mixtape with my crew, Blessed Coast, that will be out in June, as well as the second remix EP from another one of my other projects: Loud City.”
Triple Crown is a busy, busy man. With all of these projects in the works, and shows lined up throughout the summer, he sees a bright future for local artists.
“I think  the local music scene is extremely fertile and promising,” he said. “There’s a lot of  talented DJs, producers, musicians and lyricists that do their thing that will help put Bellingham on the map even more. There’s also a lot of really good musical acts that come through Bellingham and make it a special place to see a show.”
Summer time is the biggest season for DJs with festivals, concerts and events up and down the West Coast. Triple Crown is thrilled to be a part of some big lineups. “I’m excited about Reggae on the River. It’s the 30th anniversary of the festival and it’s always a blast. We got booked with Bobby Hustle and Jahdan Blakkamore for the main stage as well as a late night set in the dancehall,” Triple Crown exclaimed. “I’ve also got some parties in Seattle coming up that will feature my own production that I’m looking forward to, as well.”
So whether you like hip-hop, reggae, or just straight EDM, Triple Crown has the tracks to keep you moving. Check out Triple Crown on Facebook to see all of his upcoming shows and visit his website at