Battle for Athens: Daemon Tether

Zapnow Record’s Battle for Athens are a group that blurs the lines across several genres of music – they have been rocking the mic and playing shows in Bellingham for years, but their latest album, Daemon Tether, may be their best material to date.

Daemon Tether is a diverse album, which is what you would expect from an album that was recorded “in a van, in a cemetery, at midnight” (as the album notes). There are elements of several different EDM styles with rap lyrics dropped on top of some serious electronic synths and huge basslines. The album starts off with sick double time lyrics and then drops into some heavy dubstep bass on the track “Parkinson’s Acupuncture or Choice B.” The electronic onslaught continues as Battle For Athens battles your speakers on the track “Aye.” This track really showcases Battle for Athens’ lyrical skills as the emcees pass the mic around and rip the bass drops apart.

The high point on the album is the song “Longer I Run,” a heart-wrenching track that starts with a beautiful guitar line and features some accordion as well. Battle for Athens really pulls out all the stops on this song, leaving the listener with chills, if not tears.

One things is for sure, if you are a fan of either hip-hop, dubstep or any other genre-bending music, then Battle For Athens’ signature blend of styles will satisfy your need for bass, synths, drops and hard ass lyrics.

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–Mike Roe