Boris Budd and the Waterboarders: Emotional Drone

Boris Budd is a champion of the Bellingham scene and a true American rocker, his musical efforts have manifested into a killer new full-length album, Emotional Drone. No holding back in this one, Budd takes on political and societal issues with conviction and really brings the chops when it gets heavy.  The Waterboarders can undoubtedly jam; these guys got a taste for that pure amplified rock and roll sound but can really switch it up into any style to keep in interesting whether its blues, punk, Americana, or anything in between.

The instrumentation throughout the album is always refreshing, solid creative work to compose some excellent and innovative tracks. No song exemplifies this better than the almost seven-minute long track “Demise of a Crazy, Blind, Idiot, Lower Ape in B Flat,” which transforms again and again for a powerful and heartfelt jam with vocal harmonies, ripping guitar solos, and head-thrashing progressions all packed into one roller-coaster ride of a track.

Emotional Drone showcases the satirical soul of Boris Budd as he righteously points out the fallacies of the political right in the tracks “Fiscal Clifford,” “Vagina Management Trainee,” and “Conservative Entertainment Complex.” His humor lifts up his message and his message elevates his music.

Budd possesses the voice of a poet, and his acoustic tracks can’t help but spring comparisons to Bobby Dylan. His clear delivery is passionate and sharp, the lyrics are strong and meaningful – you get a sense the music was made for impact, like a truth-bomb which Budd uses as a weapon against the forces of ignorance he boldly opposes. Clear case of this is in “My God’s Better Than Your God,” attacking any ideology which proclaims an endorsement from God to perform an injustice against humanity.

Boris Budd and The Waterboarders put together a smash pack of rad tunes in Emotional Drone. The album features enough variety of musical styles between tracks that there’s sure to be something to like in it for everyone (although if you enjoy bigotry you’re probably going to want to skip some tracks). The production on the album is exceptional and the quality of the compositions are impressive.

Emotional Drone was very well done and Boris Budd and The Waterboarders deserve congratulations for their excellent release.

–Mark Broyles