The Offshoots: String Theory

The Offshoots get meta-physical in the rockin’ quantum world with their second full-length album String Theory. Their sound defies the laws of physics – each particle performing wave functions of groovy good time rock and roll introducing paradoxes to the previously established paradigm. This family-band packs a punch, and their tracks will warp you into unknown dimensions.

Lead singer Beth Schramer reins as queen of the physical universe as she powerfully performs with high energy and clever lyrics. The guitar work on the album is awesome, reverberating the cosmos with new original combinations of classic rock jams. Paul Schramer has put together a plethora of sweet atmospheric jams, able to turn it up on a flip of a switch with some raging guitar solos.  The rhythm section has got some real pros in the mix as well – holding it down on bass is Mark Schramer, and Phil Carter on the beats.

String Theory has got some real hits all over the place. “Them Changes” features some of the sweetest classic rock riffs that I’ve heard in recent years, definitely an ear-catcher and a tune that can play on repeat in your head. Explosive Van-Halen like guitar solos shift this one of the premier tracks on the album.

The group can also slow it down for some more low-key jams like in “God Doesn’t Know,” which has got a real groovy Pink Floydish soundscape to it – yet the vocal presence of Beth Schramer spins it into something completely of its own, a gem of a song. The song “Legend” has got some real attitude and girth to it, and makes for an exciting showcase of what the Offshoots can do. Unpredictable and dangerous, this group shows a lot of talent on a wide range of different styles.

The title track “String Theory” is a nice funky jam with crisp breaks and clean cuts, a fun track that you can dance to. Paul Schramer on guitar rules this one tearing black holes into the universe with his screeching guitar work bending the fabric of space and time.

“I Resign” has got the heavy overdrive and grunge to deliver the rawk. The Offshoots do an excellent job composing these songs to keep them moving forward at a rocking pace, nothing on this album gets stale.  The instrumentation and production on the album is great, and the guitar work is especially impressive. String Theory carries that awesome American classic rock and roll sound that can be enjoyed throughtout the unknown multi-verse.

–Mark Broyles