Sanoma: All music tells a story

by Sarah Bryant

The guys in Sanoma are better at life than you are.  Not only are they employed and have fulfilling married lives with children (see also: having your life together), they’re also about to release their band’s debut EP, with a stellar release show in the works. I’m not talking about the type of dudes with families who start ‘80s hair metal cover bands in their garage as a way to desperately hold onto their youth (sports cars may also be an alternative). Sanoma actually rock, especially for a bunch of self-described pencil pushers. They’re just a bunch of normal guys with a mutual passion for surf music and rock’n’roll.

They band started jamming together two and a half years ago, after singer/guitarist Nate Beede gave keyboard player Nick Rubert a record by influential rock band the Sadies. Beede and drummer Cory DeMent had been playing a lot of surf rock together, drawing influences from the legendary Dick Dale as well as Man or Astro-man?, but the addition of Rubert and bassist Luke McGee, the line-up was solidified and rock ‘n’ roll ensued.

“We kinda just hit the ground running,” Beede said. “We just started playing shows right away and that was it.”

Having been playing together for over two years, it’s easy to understand why the band is so excited about finally recording and releasing some of their songs. Sanoma initially released and recorded four of the songs for a digital release sometime last year, but went back into the studio with Jonathan Anderson to record the final cut. The idea behind the 6 song EP was to sift through their material to find a balance between their straight forward surf music songs and the more country rock’n’roll songs, creating a balance between the two styles.

“Part of our goal in song selection was to capture a couple of different sides (of the band),” explains Rubert. “We consciously tried to not make it just a straightforward surf rock album.”

To celebrate their first official release and their first physical release, the band is planning a show at the Green Frog on Oct. 18, the day the record comes out. Fans will be able to buy the EP, and get their faces rocked off by both Samona and local legends the DTs.

When it comes to future plans, Samona are wide-eyed but realistic. They all unanimously agreed that more records are in their future, but as far as touring they seem content staying in their northwest home.

“I think our goal right now is to build a strong home in Bellingham,” Rubert added. “It’s no fun to go play a new town to an empty room when you can’t go home and play to a full room. So that’s I think what we’re working on.”

It’s hard not to be charmed by the honesty and the excitement the band exudes. They clearly love their lives and are grateful to be doing what they’re doing. Beede recently started posting explanations and narratives that go along with each song on the album, including the instrumentals.

“I think all music tells a story, even instrumental music,” Beede explained, adding “and we hope people get something positive out of it.”

LIVE SHOW: Catch Sanoma on Oct. 18 at the Green Frog, the official launch date of their new album release. For more details about the band see

Published in the October 2014 issue of What’s Up! Magazine