Chow down at Streat Food’s Ferry Terminal Cafe

by Aaron Apple and Aaron Kayser

(Disclaimer from the Aarons: We are friends with Streat Food owners James and Poem Pitzer outside of the restaurant. You may or may not have tried the fantastically delicious Aaron Apple Burger at some point when it’s been on special. It’s much better than the Brent Cole Burger, trust us on this one.)

(Editor’s note: No it’s not, Aaron, the Brent Cole burger is way better. Though the Aaron Apple burger is reeaaaalllly goood. The Brent Cole burger is the best burger of all time.) 

Aside from operating one of the most beloved food trucks in Bellingham (and being influential in helping to kickstart Bellingham’s food truck offerings), StrEAT Food Chef/Owner James Pitzer decided to jump at the chance last December to open his first brick-and-mortar location in town. The StrEAT Food Ferry Terminal Cafe can be found in Fairhaven at the old Halibut Henry’s location, in the rear of the Bellingham Cruise Terminal.

The atmosphere in the dining area is very casual and low-key, with the 180-degree view of Bellingham Bay being one of the best in Bellingham. Orders are placed at the front counter and the food is brought out to you. After mulling over the extensive menu of both breakfast and lunch items, Kayser ordered both the Shrimp Po Boy ($8) and the Migas breakfast taco ($4). Kayser decided to tear into the Shrimp Po Boy first. The Po Boy consisted of large sautéed gulf shrimp on a bed of spicy smoked paprika slaw and fresh sliced tomatoes, all on a warm roll that was slathered with a chipotle mayo. The sandwich was well-balanced, filling and flavorful with the perfect amount of acid and spice. Kayser especially enjoyed the smoky notes from the chipotle and smoked paprika.

The Aarons gobble up a Shrimp Po Boy, Migas breakfast taco, biscuits and gravy, and Honeybear breakfast sandwich. PHOTO BY RYAN RUSSELL

The Aarons gobble up a Shrimp Po Boy, Migas breakfast taco, biscuits and gravy, and Honeybear breakfast sandwich. PHOTO BY RYAN RUSSELL

After devouring the Shrimp Po Boy, Kayser moved on to the Migas breakfast taco. The taco came filled with diced tomatoes, onions and serrano peppers, with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and tortilla strips, all wrapped in a flour tortilla. If he makes it to the Ferry Terminal StrEAT Food location before 11 o’clock in the morning, Kayser will always order a Migas breakfast taco. There are few places in town that serve a breakfast taco, much less one like the Migas. The taco came piping hot and wrapped in foil, and by the time Kayser finished his Shrimp Po Boy, the Migas was cool enough to handle. Each bite was absolutely delicious, and the serrano peppers gave the taco a warm kick. The eggs were cheesy and moist, meshing well with the other ingredients.

Apple ordered the biscuits and gravy ($9) and the Honeybear breakfast sandwich ($4). The biscuits and gravy are occasionally on the specials menu, which is unfortunate, because these were some of the best biscuits and gravy Apple had ever tasted. The gravy was the star of the show here; it was incredibly dense and buttery, with a generous amount of sausage bits throughout. The gravy was covering two flakey biscuits in a single large bowl, and it comes with two eggs any style on top. Apple also managed to eat most of the Honeybear, which is an upgraded take on an old classic. The English muffin sandwich comes with honey chili bacon, spinach, feta, and egg. The amount of flavor in each bite is staggering; nothing about this sandwich can be described as dull.

Much like their food truck, StrEAT Food’s Ferry Terminal location does not disappoint. A variety of breakfast options are served before 11 a.m. including breakfast tacos, sandwiches, scones and rotating breakfast specials. The lunch menu typically reflects what is normally available on the food truck but the specials may be different since they have more space to cook in the cafe. The week this review was written, for example, featured the Shrimp Po Boy and Red Wine Braised Beef Stew as specials. An up-to-date menu can always be found on the website

StrEAT Food’s Ferry Terminal Cafe is located at 355 Harris Ave. in Fairhaven. Hours are Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. They can be reached at (360) 770-9052 or see

Published in the November 2014 issue of What’s Up! Magazine