The Flavr Blue: Beats and sound

by Caitlyn Glinski

The Flavr Blue is what happens when three Seattle musicians are drawn together naturally and dedicate themselves to a new project and making it the best it can be. They use electronic production, vocal harmonies, and live instrumentation as their medium to seamlessly integrate different styles and create something unique that doesn’t quite fit into any genre other than their own. The Flavr Blue is known for visually captivating performances and songs that are richly layered with danceable beats and smooth vocals. They released their debut LP in 2012 and have since then gained a great deal of local and regional attention, played various festivals, sold out a show at Neumos, and released another EP.

“Our beginnings were organic,” the band said about how they got started. Before The Flavr Blue came into existence, its members Lace, Parker, and Hollis had been involved in various R&B and hip hop projects in their teens and 20s.  Parker and Lace started working on experimental production together, which drove them to try out new sounds and incorporate elements of electronica, house, and even alternative rock.

Hollis’ first involvement with the Flavr Blue came when she was featured on the song “In My Dream.” Her collaboration with Parker and Lace was such a natural fit that they ended up adopting her into the band and becoming a three-piece. Hollis’ contributions to the group are now so integral that it’s hard to believe they were solely a two-piece group.

All three of them are individually committed to being the best musicians possible and have the ability to translate that into working as a group with a common goal in mind. “The coolest part about working with the three of us was that we were all determined to make this project the best it could possibly be, capturing both our experience and our ambition, and most importantly challenging ourselves to be the very best musicians possible.”

Though getting a group of highly creative individuals to reach a consensus poses quite a challenge, the group has found a way to make it work.  “It’s a very real and worthwhile challenge to develop a collective identity, a collective vision, and execute our goals; working individually to make sure we’re all pulling our weight and aiming high.”

During their entire time together they have managed to maintain an eager and adventurous approach to their music career. “We at The Flavr Blue are all about the power of positive manifestation so I’d say that when we first got started, we were excited to embark on a new adventure.”

Not much has changed about their eager attitudes since they first got started two and a half years ago; they see the path that the band is taking as an ever-unfolding adventure. Their love for making music together and performing what they create, combined with hard work and constant learning is what allows them to create immersive and memorable experiences for anyone who listens to their songs or attends a concert.

The band’s relationship with their fans is very symbiotic. “We are so propelled by our fans; each comment or listen or ticket bought means so much to us, and further stokes the flames that keep us going.”

Lace, Parker, and Hollis have not only dedicated themselves to the hard work of making music, but also to the fun of it.  The energy and passion they bring to the stage is hard to beat, and is only fueled further by the energy the crowd gives them in return.  One of the band’s most memorable shows was this year at Sasquatch, when right after their set a fully nude man climbed the scaffolding of the stage, swinging and yelling. “It may have been mildly traumatizing for the audience below but we felt it was like a gold star for festival madness!”

The Flavr Blue will embark on their first complete West Coast tour this month.  They’ll be playing as far north as Vancouver, BC, and as far south as Tijuana, and are excited to get their “international swag” on. The band looks forward to kicking off the tour in Bellingham, and have thoroughly enjoyed their time playing at the Wild Buffalo and Western Washington University in the past.

LIVE SHOW: The Flavr Blue is playing KUGS’ 40th anniversary celebration on Sunday, Nov. 16 at 7 p.m. at WWU. For more about the band, see


Published in the November 2014 issue of What’s Up! Magazine