Le Beat & Editor’s Note: March 2015

Editor’s Note: March 2015

Well well well, here we are again! Another March, another birthday! The magazine is 17 and we’ve done 200 issues! WOOHOOO!!! In publishing/local music years, that’s like, I don’t know 80! Whatever it is, it’s crazy old and something we’re very proud of. We’ve survived and even thrived in a time when publishing as an industry is struggling in some ways.

Every year at this time I wax poetic about back in the day and talk about what got me started doing the mag – but not this year because I’m pretty tired of telling the same story over and over again. What I am going to say, though, is thank you. Thank you for picking up the paper. Thank you to all folks putting out music and being creative. Thank you to the writers who spend their time talking to and listening to bands and thank you to the photographers for capturing moments in photos. Special thanks to all our advertisers and please support them (without them, there is no paper, that’s for sure). Thank you to Victor Gotelaere for handing some of our advertising sales. Thanks to my wife Becca for handling the copy editing and layout duties, usually with our three awesome kids running around. She also runs, edits and designs Grow Northwest, while simultaneously working on What’s Up! It’s ridiculously impressive.

And, finally, thank you for all the support – this isn’t the easiest gig sometimes, but seemingly every time I’m down or frustrated, I receive a nice note or compliment and I’m ready to keep pushing on. Not many people get that in their jobs, and I appreciate the fact I do. Sure, I also deal with my fair share of crap and from those who don’t support the magazine, but after 17 years, I’ve got a pretty thick skin.

So here we are, celebrating the mag’s 17th birthday and 200th issue. This issue I shared 17 of my favorite covers and some thoughts on those. I’ve also showed more skin than I’m comfortable with. Enjoy. Or laugh.

As for the future of the mag – we’ll keep putting out issues, you keep picking it up, supporting our advertisers and enjoying local music. Deal? Thanks again.

–Brent Cole




Le Beat: March 2015

Happy March everyone! And Happy Birthday What’s Up Magazine! Raleigh Davis here for another monthly helping of Le Beat! March is a big month around here as the magazine turns 17 years old and we are celebrating our 200th issue! As always we have big things planned for you, but so does the rest of Bellingham! So let’s dive in and see some of the hot scoops, fresh off the press for this month.



The talented dudes in Candysound recently released a whole smorgasbord of new tunes! Featuring a whopping 26 songs, the collection entitled Favorite Chords showcases various demos, singles, live songs and other odds and ends from Candysound’s past years as a band. Compiled from 2009 to 2014 the release perfectly encapsulates Candysound and how they have evolved and refined their craft to be the kickass band we know today! Head over to their bandcamp to give it a listen and read the various backstories behind many of the songs… Also, word on the street is EP #4 is on the way!

After much anticipation N7E Records is getting ready to release their compilation! This is Bellingham, Not Seattle: Volume One will feature over 15 of Bellingham’s best, heaviest, grungiest, and craziest punk and hardcore (and various other mutations of the genre) bands. The release will feature beloved names such as Girl Guts, The Basque Rats, Agonizer, The Vaticxnts, Caparza, Rookery and many, many more. It’s awesome to see people working hard to put together such an expansive collection of Bellingham rockers! N7E says they have a lot more releases planned down the line, so look forward to more awesomeness after this!



Smell that in the air? That’s the scent of a super-band my friends. Word is that Soft Sleep has been formed, a band founded by Tony Ruland of now-defunct The Lonely Forest, featuring members of Silver Torches and Cumulus. They will soon release their debut EP, The Sleep Sound EP, on Rocket Heart Records, and is currently available for preorde. The EP features many guest appearances from past bandmates and tour friends, including Chris Walla, who is making his first musical appearance since leaving Death Cab For Cutie.




Prepare for more of The Shakedown! They have been hard at work on their expansion called The Racket for quite some time now but it looks like they are opening later this month! The space includes a full bar, pinball lounge (featuring 18 games!), claw machine with local gift certificates and t-shirts, and sandwich shop showcasing the Shakedown’s tried and true philly cheesesteaks and falafels. I for one can’t wait for this to open, should be great!

WWU’s own Underground Coffeehouse is going to be hosting a battle of the bands throughout the coming months! The event entitled Sounds of the Underground is open to all bands that have at least one WWU student. The bands will battle it out for the top spot, with the winner getting the honor of opening up at Western’s yearly (and consistently amazing) Lawnstock. Sounds like a great opportunity for a talented band to nab a big show. Keep your ears open for when the fun begins.

The Redlight will be showing 2015: A Fake Odyssey during their March Art Walk. The reception will feature re-imagined (and totally wacky and insane) movie posters created by Toby Strange and Logan McQuaid on March 6 from 6 to 10 p.m. and will be totally free! The Redlight will have happy hour specials on everything until 7 p.m. and then Art Walk specials for the rest of the night! Sounds like an amazing idea that everyone should check out.



Consider this your invitation to one of the best nights of 2015 as we ring in another year of the mag (and the 200th issue!). What’s Up Magazine’s big 17th birthday bash is Saturday, March 7 at the Wild Buffalo with performances by local bands City Hall, Girl Guts, Minor Plains, Wild Rabbit, and Baby Cakes. The show starts at 9 p.m. and cover is a mere $3. Come celebrate the magazine finally being able to see R-rated movies without parental guidance!

Bellingham dance-enthusiasts Eagle Teeth are throwing a party of their own, March 6 at The Swillery. Bands Go Slowpoke and The Slacks will be joining them for a night that is sure to be filled with undeniable grooves. Eagle Teeth have stated that this will be their last show with drummer Maximo Mendizabal for the time being but have reassured us that there will be more Eagle Teeth fun in the future. Come out and get your last Eagle Teeth fix for the foreseeable future! Cover is $5 and the show starts at 9:30 p.m.

KISM’s Road to Rockstar is back and we’re happy to be involved with them again! This year it’ll be held at The Wild Buffalo (which is awesome) every Thursday through April and May. Check out their website, kism.com, for details – they’ll be taking submissions after Wednesday with the selection process on March 26.

Ian Christianson (of recently defunct Gonzo) is organizing an all-ages “benefest” April 8-12 at house venues Jacuzzi and Loudhouse and at the Alternative Library. Bands are coming from Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Oregon, with regional and local bands including Creech, Animal Lover, Pile, Drowse and oTTo. Each show will be $5 with proceeds going to the DVSAS and MS Society. Watch for an idiegogo and stay tuned for more festival details.

Phoenix House Productions will show their first documentary at the Pickford Film Center on March 29, chronicling the Signed Fest event that happened April 2014 at Make.Shift and various house show locations. Entry is $2.



As some of you may have already heard, local musician and friend Scott Greene has a stage four brain tumor and is undergoing intensive chemo and radiation treatment. Please keep him in your thoughts and donate to the online fundraiser (youcaring.com/scottgreene) to help him get through these tough times. There is also a benefit being held on March 8 at the Underground starting at 7 p.m. All proceeds go to Scott. Please either donate online or head to the show – Scott has been part of the music scene for as long as we’ve been doing the mag and he needs and deserves our support.


That’s all for this time folks! Tune in next month for another (but slightly less festive) romp through Bellingham’s extracurricular offerings! 17 years!!!! Someone needs to buy Brent a drink (I’m looking at you)!

–Raleigh Davis