In Memoriam: Aaron Bornemann

On April 2, 2015, Aaron Bornemann, a local resident and 23-year-old musician, was tragically killed. Beyond the senseless death of a young man is the reality his family and friends have to deal with – the loss of someone they cared deeply about. An active member in Bellingham’s electronic and hip hop scene, Aaron performed with the Bass Area Crew as well as Fear and Loathing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

Below are thoughts his fellow musicians and DJs shared with us to share with you.

Tony Sellers 

I’ll never forget the time I was playing a set at Glow. It was completely empty except for Trev at the bar and Aaron sliding all around the dance floor. He came up to say goodbye and all that but as he walked away I transitioned into 23 (Caked Up remix of course) and he came right back up. “You’re gonna play this as I’m leaving?!?!” After dancing for the rest of the song, he slid off into the night with his J’s on his feet.
Cory Winget 

I remember that last time I saw him he took about five minutes to cross the street outside the buff because c walking all the way a cross and the argued with to play sexy can I by Ray-j swearing it was 90’s.
It’s my favorite memory because he was laughing and smiling the whole time he was dancing, it’s how I will always remember him. He was the best dude to have around, so positive and uplifting.
Taylor Kimball

I don’t go out much but whenever I did, Aaron was usually there being cool and having a good time. Whenever I got a chance to play a show he was always there to come up and say hi during my set, and the support he had for his homies was something I had mad respect for.
Haakon Taylor 

One of the most recent was my show last month at the Wild Buffalo. I saw Aaron at Trevor’s before the event and we were hanging out and I told him I was playing and he just stopped in his tracks said “aaahhh shiieeett” I got you….” And ran out the door. He shows up 30 minutes later with the Haakeye shirt I had given him on and him dressed in his hyphiest clothes on. He just says “Now I’m ready.” He came to my show and did what he did best, made everyone smile. He was one of the most real people I know and made an impression on so many people lives. I called my good friend who met Aaron the week before 1 time, for 1 night, and he was moving to Texas the next week. I told him on the phone and I’ve never seen this kid shed any emotion in hard times, he’s been through a lot, and without batting an eye he was bursting in tears breakdown. That’s the impact Aaron had on everyone he met, I hope that in my life I am at all lucky to touch that many people as Aaron did with only just meeting them. I love you and miss you Aaron and I hope one day I can be as confident and impacting as you.


Pat Cassidy

Aaron would always bust in through my front door. He rarely let us know he was coming but he was always welcome. He’d usually just come in, say hello (which always included some hand contact and fist bumps), and then proceed to pass out on my couch. It was pretty hilarious. I’d have friends over or my roommate, Trevor Weidenbacher and I would be hanging out in the living room and Aaron would sleep through that. He’d sleep through pretty much anything and then, every time and out of nowhere, he would suddenly rise up with vigor, and proceed to bring the hype.
He’d never judge anyone for their vices, I don’t know how but he just didn’t care, he was a good homies to everyone including me. I love doing things to make my friends feel uncomfortable and awkward because I think it’s funny but Aaron was super cool because he rarely got bothered by it! He’d even try and pull some my own moves on me like coming up and humping me vigorously, it would never bother me of course, I enjoyed starting that weird quirk with him. I behave pretty funny and weird sometimes, everyone knows that, people say it’s because I love attention but Aaron always knew why I really did it and he would always say “oh you know Patrick does that shit because he’s just Patrick.” That was actually very eloquent and I appreciated. Aaron was a dope guy, a great homie, and I miss him.

Trevor Weidenbacher 

I had the best of times going to and playing shows around the area with Aaron. He was the best hype man and the best friend. I can hardly think of a time or a day when Aaron wasn’t around. He truly lived everyday to the fullest staying out doing shows til 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. and then waking up at the crack of dawn to head off to work so he could afford to do it all again the next night. He was a bright burning star who had love for everyone and the love he brought to the world is hear to stay in the beautiful memories of him possessed by loved ones and friends.

Published in the May 2015 issue of What’s Up! Magazine