Snug Harbor: Live at Red Rocks!

by Will Glazier

April was a quite an unusual month for me. Although I strive to make music (mainly recording and performing) my career, it brings new and often difficult challenges into the fold with each passing day. However, it is these rare moments, such as my time on the road in April where things seem to just fall in your lap and allow the bigger picture to be seen.

Believe it or not I met Michal Menert a few years back on Twitter. We joked about starting a band, and to my surprise I was performing with him within months in Colorado and its surrounding areas. My band Snug Harbor and I hit several awesome venues with the 18-piece ensemble and events such as Sonic Bloom and the Fillmore to an overwhelming response. Which brings me to present day…

In the beginning of April, I was offered an opportunity to help record and perform on the upcoming release from Menert called Space Jazz, so I spent the first few days tracking four songs on the album. I then picked Michal up from be airport a few days later and we started rehearsing for Red Rocks up in Bellingham. After getting lost in our own space jazz adventure, the group started on a PNW mini-tour with local support then Willdabeast opening for Menert, along with everyone performing together at the end of the night. We played first at Barboza in Seattle to a great crowd on Thursday April 2. We then played Bellingham’s Wild Buffalo the following night to an incredible crowd. It was really nice to showcase a group that isn’t located in my hometown and share that with all of my friends and family.

We took a few days off to record and rehearse more and the next weekend the tour stopped in Eugene at Cosmic and Portland at Branx. Portland was probably one of the wildest shows of the mini tour. There were tons of people out in all forms getting weird with us. Despite the outrageously small green room that was literally held together by duct tape, and the drag show up stairs in the venues sister stage that seemed to steal the night, Portland showed up early and stayed out late in full force. If anything, it was a nice reminder to Menert that this can serve as a hub for potential dates in the future. The group came back to rehearse in Bellingham for a few more days before taking off to Salt Lake City and then Denver. I have been doing Soul Night at the Green Frog so I stayed behind to do one last gig and just three short hours after Soul Night we hopped on a plane to the Mile High City.

After connecting with the entire group in Denver, we rehearsed for two 10-plus hour rehearsal days in Lafayette leading up to the big event. Rehearsals were laborious, and my lips were starting to tire, but crucial as they offered clarity to rhythmic and melodic enigmas. Finally the big day was upon us. The van picked us up at noon and took us to the legendary amphitheater. I could only feel overwhelming humble as the first time seeing the breathing venue was also our first performance. My stomach in knots; knowing that in just a few hours I would be entertaining close to 10,000 people, I realized at this moment I may never get an opportunity of this magnitude again and looked at the people around me, Justin, Sinclair, David, and Daniel from Snug Harbor, knowing these bonds and memories and the ones that brought us here would be forever lasting.

The music business is so hard to break into but so rewarding when you get a break such as this. To me, this ‘bigger picture’ isn’t necessarily saying that we got to play one of the most beautiful outdoor venues in the country. Indeed it is a stage that prior to this weekend only existed in my dreams. However, It was a realization that this thing that I love with all of my heart, the thing that drives me every day to wake up, is not as far away as it seems. Best of all, this is the only the beginning.

Published in the May 2015 issue of What’s Up! Magazine