STUFF YER FACE: The Rickshaw: Made to order

by Aaron Apple and Aaron Kaiser

The Rickshaw, originally from Seward, Alaska, opened its food truck window in November of last year. Operating on the southern part of Meridian Street near Chevron and Mojo Music (2604 Meridian to be exact), The Rickshaw can also be found every Saturday at the Bellingham Farmers Market.

We aren’t shy about our love for food trucks and The Rickshaw is a great new addition to Bellingham’s lineup. They serve food from a variety of Asian cuisines out of their fire-engine red truck, with everything hot and made-to-order.

Kayser ordered the Lemongrass Pork Bowl ($8) at the five-star spice level (he was feeling bold), and also decided to try a side of Lumpia ($2). After a short wait, our order was called and we had a seat at the single table near the truck and dug into our food. The piping hot pork was served on a large bed of rice. It was accompanied by steamed cabbage, broccoli, and carrots, and delicately garnished with sesame seeds. The pork was tender, juicy, and spicy, courtesy of the diced red chili peppers. Floral notes from lemongrass and ginger were prevalent during the meal despite the spice. This combination of flavor made the pork quite delicious. As for the rest of the dish, the rice was sticky and the steam vegetables were not mushy. It was a great dish for a very good price.

The lumpia was fried crispy, and came with a side of sweet chili sauce for dipping. The side order of lumpia contains only two lumpia, leaving you wanting more. “Only” is used here as both Apple and Kayser agreed that they could each easily polish off another, oh, 20 or so each. Needless to say, it was a hit.

Apple started with a side of crab rangoon ($3 to add two to your meal) and they were completely perfect. The chef noted during our order that they are made from real crab at The Rickshaw, which is rare for most places around here. If you haven’t had crab rangoon before, you should change that immediately. They are typically a crispy fried wonton wrapper stuffed with crab and cream cheese, and usually come with a side of sweet and sour sauce for dipping. In other words; sweet and savory little pieces of heaven.

For Apple’s entree, he let the chef know he couldn’t decide between the curry of the day and the chicken pad thai, so he offered to make him a custom yellow curry chicken pad thai dish ($10). He kept the two separate in the bowl so he could try them both individually and mixed together. No matter how it was eaten, it was all delicious and extremely filling. The yellow curry sauce was to the brim of the to-go container, so Apple started there. Yellow curry is known for its sweetness, and this was no different, complimenting the pad thai half of the dish as well. After it was all mixed together, the dish was mostly rice noodles, but a generous mix of veggies were added for flavor and to change up the texture as well. Because this was so much food, it made an awesome dinner a couple nights later.

The Rickshaw’s focused menu also includes a Ribeye Beef Bowl entree, and a Hawaiian dish called Loco Moco (a beef patty on rice topped with gravy and a fried egg) that is only available on weekends, as well as specialty tacos offered on Tuesdays. Along with the lumpia and rangoon, they also have sides of Asian Slaw and Miso Soup.

Before planning your trip, make sure you have cash on hand or stop at the WECU across the street from the truck since they are a cash-only establishment. Also, we recommend calling your order ahead and taking it to-go, as they offer a single table for seating next to the truck.

The Rickshaw is located at 2604 Meridian Street in Bellingham, and on Saturdays at the Bellingham Farmers Market, and open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. They can be reached at (360) 824-1577, or visit

Published in the June 2015 issue of What’s Up!