Le Beat: August 2015

Hey Bellingham! Raleigh Davis here with another titillating edition of Le Beat! We are already in our final days of summer, where did the time go?! Regardless, Bellingham has some great things in store for you this month! Let’s dive in and see the who’s, how’s, what’s and when’s of Bellingham in August!

Records & Releases

New Wild Throne is always a reason to rejoice. The Bellingham rock gods recently released the first single and video off of their upcoming LP. The track “Harvest of Darkness” (also the album title) shows Wild Throne at their finest and should leave you to pick your jaw up off the floor once it’s all said and done. Does shredding in an abandoned field as the moon crashes into the earth sound cool to you? Of course it does, now go watch it!!! Their debut album is due out Oct. 2 so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

The Katie Gray Band has recently finished recording their first EP and is ready to unleash it upon the ears of Bellingham. The group took a couple days back in March to go to Leavenworth and record some singer-songwriter indie magic and now it is complete! Catch their release show Aug. 8 at Poppe’s 360 Neighborhood Pub to be the first to get your hands on a copy! The band has also mentioned a music video in the works to hopefully come out later in the summer.

Another month means another Bellingham Soundcheck! Have you checked out July’s work with the extremely awesome Totalizer (RIP)? The band tears apart the Lil Wisconsin with their brain-melting brand of dissonant hardcore punk rock. Coming up next with have resident heavy-riff experts Dryland making sure that a certain arboretum cave will always be haunted by evil spirits of rock n roll… Rumor has it after that some certain Female Fiends may be gracing the halls of Bellingham Soundcheck. Follow the Soundcheck crew on your social media of choice to keep up to date!

Word has it that The Vaticxnts have a bit of a new line-up and are working on recording new music. If that seems like too long of a wait never fear because they also have their first album being released by N7E Records this month! N7E seems like they are going full steam ahead with new albums by Agonizer (who have recently disbanded) and Proud Failures released in the last couple months as well as recording underway for new albums by bands Tin Foil Cat and Undead Sex. To put a cherry on top of it all in August they will be releasing a 7” vinyl compilation featuring Agonizer, The Basque Rats, The Vaticxnts, Gutter Gourmet, and The late Dave Brock of GWAR (rumored to be the last song he recorded before his untimely demise).


After being radio silent for a couple months, off writing new music, Minor Plains is proud to announce our very first tour! MP is taking off Aug. 14-22 with Seattle buddies Fearless Leader for a romp around the West Coast. The band will be hitting Seattle, Portland, several dates in California, and Las Vegas to top it off! We will be back to give Bellingham some love on Aug. 24 with a show at The Swillery with fresh blood locals SO and Portland shredders Bearcubbin’… see ya then!


David Liebe Hart (from Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric Awesome Show) will be showering Bellingham with his surreal and off-kilter brand of “is he joking or is he serious?” comedy. Known for performing songs with the help of puppets and teaching America the secrets of the universe Liebe Hart will be gracing the Make.Shift Wednesday, Aug. 19. The show starts at 9 p.m. and tickets are $8. Salame!


Speaking of Make.Shift… August means that it’s time for the 4th annual Make.Shift Block Party! This supremely awesome event happens Aug. 1 and offers a whole day and night’s worth of all the fun you could ever hope to have – including a dunk tank with locally famous “Bellebrities”, giant Slip n’ Slide, local food trucks, guitar shredding competition, and live music featuring CUFF LYNX, Dogs, Scruffager, Heavy Petting, Gonzo and more! Tickets are $7 (day of).

Keep The Shakedown in mind for your late night plans after the Make.Shift block party. They’re having a block party after party – a completely free show! – with a lineup guaranteed for fun featuring SEMINARS, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Tin Foil Cat and DJ Seth Nuckolls. The DJ is going to kick off the magic at 8.

It’s Buildstrong’s mastermind Austin Santiago’s birthday coming up so it’s only fitting that the Wild Buffalo will be going all out for the party! The show on Aug. 22 features an extremely stacked line-up with Ekali, Hibou, Manatee Commune and CUFF LYNX. Tickets are $5 and doors open at 8. Come out and make sure Austin has one for the memory banks.

Loudhouse has your house show needs covered this month. They have a radically grungy bill put together featuring Sloths, Croak, and Actionesse  on Aug. 14. The show is $5 starts at 8!

There is going to be a benefit show at the Cabin Tavern Aug. 29 to help Mason, a 6-year-old child battling brain cancer. The proceeds of the event will go to help Mason’s family with their hospital costs as well as maintaining their household. The show is going to take place outside the Cabin and will have a beer garden, activities, and food along with musical acts to be announced. Come show Mason some support and enjoy a fantastic time!


Summer is the time of the outdoor movies and we have quite a smorgasbord of films for your viewing pleasure this month! Pickford Film Center is teaming up with KISM 92.9 to present the Rooftop Cinema at the Parkade!  On Friday, Aug. 14 they will be having The Bike-In Movie as part of the Giant Bicycle Film Festival featuring live music by last year’s Road To Rockstar winners The Naughty Blokes and a beer garden by Kulshan Brewing Company. On Friday, Aug. 28 they will be showing martial arts classic Enter The Dragon with a musical set by Bellingham’s electronic wunderkind Manatee Commune, and a beer garden provided by Wander Brewing.

That’s not all! Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema continues a wide offering of family friendly movie fun throughout August, provided by Epic Events. Movies are shown on the Village Green in Fairhaven, and admission is $5. This month they have The Hunger Games: Mockingjay on Aug. 1, Dirty Dancing on Aug. 8, UP on Aug. 15, Guardians of the Galaxy on Aug. 22, and The Princess Bride on the 29th to close out the season!

Film is Truth is moving from their current location on Holly to the Bellingham Public Market on Cornwall in September (the official date hasn’t been publicized). Earlier this year, the business turned into a non-profit to help weather the storm of DVD rentals in the download era and this move will, hopefully, help the company survive and grow as well. We love Film is Truth and look forward to many more years!


Well my Bellingham friends… that’s all we could squeeze in this time. As always there is a plethora of musical and entertainment offerings going on 24/7 this month and just because we couldn’t fit it in here doesn’t mean it’s not important! So study your mag, get informed and go out there and support the local Bellingham scene. Have a great August!