Boss Rhino: EP

Holy smokin’ gravy balls! The packaging on this mama jamma is beautiful. Seriously, badass. Jim Blanchard’s retina-retching purple rhino on the cover commands immediate attention. Behold the chunk of translucent gold vinyl encased within this eye-blistering 12” jacket – let’s slap it on the turntable and check it out!

Coming outta the gate like a double fisted drunken sucker punch sounding like it could play in a 70s muscle car showdown, this is loose, lean, and unclean.

The guitar interplay is a push pull barroom brawl as each switches back and forth between rhythm and lead, often one on top of the other in a no barred intercourse that continues the cool 70s hard rock vibe with a splatter of push and stagger. Then it’s straight down the hole with some punk blues splatter.

The vocals grind like a shaved ape on acid and the bass and drums hit with a frantic urgency that keeps the groove on the move.

Hold the goat, what’s this? The tracks are repeated on both sides of the slab –perfect for late night lights-out vinyl war flip overs with the neighbors.

This beast is a hard rock sheet stainer with no apologies asked or given.

Recorded by Mike Cloud and mixed by Dave Crider (Dt’s, Watts, Mono Men), the BOSS RHINO EP is heavy handed, booze-fueled hard rock ‘n’ roll. Get it while it’s greasy, dig?

– Dick Mallory Esq.