Estimate: Love Songs Gone Wrong (Grade 6)

Light your candles, wash your bed sheets and get ready to make some sweet, sweet love. Love Songs Gone Wrong (Grade 6), a five-song EP by local artist Estimate, is some serious R&B action that will bring you back to the heyday of 90s smooth ass lovin’ music.

When I first threw on Love Songs I could have sworn I was back at 8th grade dance listening to some Jodeci or Boyz 2 Men. Track one entitled “yeaGrrl” rocks some serious 90s drums with a steady beat that is sure to keep the boots knockin. There are some nice little vocal samples in the background of the song, but no annoying whiney voice over the track telling me how to love. Just pure sexy seductions. Ah, yeah. As the album moves along, the booty rubbing continues with the tracks “catch ur eye” and “My Baby.”

The songs are short and sweet; if there is one criticism of this album it’s that the songs are lacking in length. The entire album is only about six minutes long, so for most of you dudes out there it should be just enough time to finish up with your lady. Burn.

-Mike Roe

Published in the October 2015 issue of What’s Up! Magazine