Le Beat: October 2015

Local notes on what’s happening with musicians, events and more. Have something to share? Send your info to editor@whatsup-magazine.com.


Hello, Bellingham! Raleigh Davis here for another rousing edition of Le Beat! Fall has snuck up on us… it’s already October!!! Where did the time go? As the weather cools rest assured that the Bellingham scene is only starting to heat up. We have a ton of amazing happenings this month so let’s dive right in!

Apartment Kids have released a new album! It’s been two years since we’ve had new music from the masterful mind of Peter Hilleary but now we can satiate our appetites once again with Shapes In Rapid. The 10-track album features a wide array of sounds going from light and airy tapping ala Rooftops to acoustic, post-rock, indie and much more. This giant melting pot of pleasant sounds is not to be missed. Check it out on the band’s bandcamp.

The new Wild Throne is out this month! It’s no secret that we are huge fans of the Throne guys over here, and after hearing a stream of their new album I must say I feel pretty proud to know these dudes. Their major record label debut Harvest Of Darkness is a blistering 11-track epic that is one of the freshest and most unique things to come out of hard rock in a long time. Wild Throne seems to already be well on their way to achieving their rock n’ roll dreams but after hearing this masterpiece it seems to me that there is no ceiling in sight for these dudes. The album is out Oct. 2 through Roadrunner Records, don’t sleep on this one my friends.

Bellingham’s punk-rock band Fallopia have released their first album. The nine-track release, Bleed On Everything is short but sweet. Clocking in at around 15 minutes it encapsulates Fallopia perfectly: it’s fast, loud, aggressive, and backed with a message of empowerment. It’s available for download for a modest fee on the band’s bandcamp.

Local Bellingham noise-maestro Keenan Ketzner is set to release two new albums this month under one his many monikers, Thomas Agora. In his own words these two albums are set to “venture deep into a wild forest of self-help tapes and bible records.” Keep it on your radar by following the happenings on Thomas Agora’s facebook page!

Local grind legends Dad Jazz have released a new album. Torture Your Ghost just came out at the end of last month and is filled with gleefully abrasive chaos that is sure to make your eyes and ears bleed. Grindcore and music like it can be a little under represented in Bellingham but Dad Jazz are steadfast in keeping the torch lit as beacon for crazy intense music. The CD is available as a hard copy through the band as well as for download on bandcamp. Word on the street is that they may have a Bellingham Soundcheck coming out soon so keep your eyes peeled!

We have a new black/death metal band on the horizon and boy do they have some chops. Allura’Taq is their name and features members Bobby Savage and Jeff Kastelic. They just released their debut album Unearthly Inversion and I can say with utmost confidence that it absolutely slays. Blast-beat chaos with the perfect amount of melodic darkness makes for a great record to bang your head to. The album is available for free download on the band’s bandcamp page.


The Moongrass gang is hitting the road this month. The band recently released a new record Shadow in the Country back in June and now they are doing the tour trek to support it. The How The West Got Done Tour will be a six-week whirlwind of the western USA featuring dates in Washington, California, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and more! The tour kicks off Oct. 2 at Northern Pacific Coffee Company in Tacoma, featuring music from The Cottonwood Cutups and Shotgun Kitchen as well.

I Will Fight with Lions is attempting to raise some funds so they can replace their stolen gear, grabbed earlier this year. You can find them on gofundme. Please help them buy some gear and get back to rocking. I really dig these guys and they really got hosed on this scene.

Will Glazier is a busy, busy man! He’s heading out on tour with Michael Menert and the Pretty Fantastics as well as opening up for them on a six-week tour. AS IF THAT ISN’T ENOUGH, Will is on Michael’s new album and Willdabeast will be releasing new music in October as well (you can look for a feature on Will in the next issue). Career in music = good livin’.

Though The Ames are no more you can expect some new music from one of their members soon! Word’s going around that Samuel Carlton (the jack of all trades who handled piano, banjo, guitar, harmonica, kazoo and vocals in the band) is hard at work on a solo project that we should hopefully be able to hear from soon. Rumor has it that the project will be in a similar vein to The Ames albeit a more “stripped down” version. Keep your ears to the ground for new music and shows in the near future!


After all their hard work and fundraising KVWV is almost ready to start broadcasting! The community radio station is a project of Make.Shift and is looking to provide Bellingham with more local and underrepresented perspectives. Start your counting down because their debut broadcast date is Oct. 23. Tune in!

It’s time we said congratulations to Cory Winget (otherwise known as local DJ, BoomBox Kid) and his family! Cory and his wife Keely just recently welcomed their first son into the world! Let’s all give a Bellingham welcome to Ryan Adam Winget! Woohoo!!! Won’t be long now till we have BoomBox Kid Jr. playing around town.

Also celebrating the birth of a little one, congratulations are in order for Sam Carlton (mentioned above) and his wife Mariah Kelmis welcomed Eleanor Mae into the world on Sept. 22. Love it when music families grow!



We have some absolutely amazing shows coming up this month!!!

Sir Mix-A-Lot returns to the Wild Buffalo, for the Buff’s Anniversary Show on Oct. 1!

On Oct. 2, The Shakedown will be hosting the amazingly talented Chelsea Wolfe and Mammifer (featuring Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner). The Sergeant House-signed artist Chelsea Wolfe just recently released a new album titled Abyss that is absolutely amazing. Beautifully dark and haunting, industrial and catchy all at the same time… It’s sure to make an amazing live show. Tickets are $13 in advanced and $15 at the door, music starts at 10.

The Buff is going to host the Let It Bern: A Benefit For Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign on Oct. 8,  featuring lots of local talent. Midnight Legend, The Naughty Blokes (last year’s Road to Rockstar winners) and Ebb, Sack and Flow will be performing with Reanu Keeves and the Funky Falcons (with members of the now extinct band Topless) closing out the night. Entry is free; doors are at 7 with music at 8.

If you’re looking for live music and DJs on Halloween, then Bellingham has got you covered!

We all know and love the Make.Shift’s Valentine’s Day cover show but this year they are taking it to the next level. On Oct. 30, Make.Shift will be having their very first Halloween Spooky Cover Show! The event will be in the same vein as the pop-punk happenings on V-Day but with a creepy Halloween spin. The venue has recently sifted through all its applicants and have found their line-up which they will be announcing shortly. It sounds like we are in for a treat this Halloween!

We have a ton of hauntingly awesome shows going on Oct. 31. First off we have a night of tricks down at The Swillery featuring the much-awaited return of Eagle Teeth. The Eagle boys have been absent from Bellingham for quite some time and we are very excited to have them back to give us all some dance rock to shake our jack-o-lanterns to. Cat Bomb and Second Hand Suits will be joining them.

Down at the Green Frog we have a Baby Cakes Halloween to look forward to! It’s only Baby Cakes on the bill so expect a night full of some of the best funk Bellingham has to offer… Seriously these guys and lady know their stuff! The fun kicks off at 9:30 and tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

We have the all-mighty Polecat bringing the 90s back from the grave at the Wild Buffalo. The evening will feature music and characters from everyone’s favorite 90’s TV shows such as Friends, The Simpsons and Seinfeld. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door, which open at 9! Polecat knows how to throw a Halloween party so get your tickets in advance!

Over at the Honey Moon, it’s the 4th Annual Dead Musicians Halloween Party. Those interested in playing a song or performing a poem by their favorite dead celebrity, please contact Kat Bula at honeymoonbooking@gmail.com to sign up. As was said in the picks of the month, it’s one of the highlights of Halloween.

Plus, Glow is throwing one of their patented amazing parties, stuff is happening at Poppe’s, Thrillingham is at Maritime Heritage Park, and well, pretty much every single place in town will be rocking Halloween parties, shows, and good times. Love it on a weekend!

Well that’s all we could squeeze in for this month! That’s only the tip of the iceberg though! There is an insane amount of events going on and it’s only looking to get crazier as we get deeper into fall. As always study the mag and go out and support this beautiful unique little music scene we’ve cultivated! See ya next month Bellingham!