Shleepytime: Our Lost Love EP

Our Lost Love EP is the debut release from Bellingham’s Devin Mills, who performs/records as the electronic artist Shleepytime. Centered around atmospheric chords and up-tempo beats, Shleepytime’s sound is reminiscent of Nintendo style sound effects and Manatee Commune, mixed with hint of Dan Deacon – perfectly suiting the EP artwork of a single pixelated cloud.

Described by Mills as “a documentation of the process of heartbreak,” this EP is best suited as either study music or the soundtrack to your next low-key weeknight party. “Lost Love” (the title track opening the EP) starts with a sample of crackling vinyl and a keyboard melody that would fit the opening scene of Final Fantasy, setting the tone for all five songs that follow. With its murky kick drum, “Ourselves” (track six) is the EP’s high point, showcasing Mill’s ability to create an atmosphere using different melodic textures and layered rhythms.

But outside of “Ourselves,” and bits and pieces of other songs, this release seems incomplete/unfinished. Although track three, titled “Coconut Mall,” times out at just over three minutes, the EP as a whole feels more like a collection of interludes than six full songs.

All in all, this release illustrates Mill’s songwriting skills and, though it leaves the listener with something to be desired, is a solid foundation through which he can continue to grow as an electronic artist. It will be interesting to see how the Shleepytime project progresses from this point forward, but Mill’s debut full-length will undoubtedly be worth a listen.

-Hayden Eller

Published in the October 2015 issue of What’s Up! Magazine