The Co Founder: Old Programs/New Beliefs

What would it sound like if Bill Callahan, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and Everlast became one songwriter? Most likely, something like the recent Bellingham transplant Hayden Eller who goes under the moniker, The Co Founder.

And he’s released a fantastic EP.

The promising short list of songs on the three-song EP, Old Programs/New Beliefs, was recorded by Eller himself in his bedroom with the help of a $500 Guitar Center recording bundle and hanging sleeping bags and blankets on the walls for soundproofing.

The most striking aspect of the album is the way the vocals are recorded with double vocal arrangement throughout the whole EP. It really grabs the attention of the listener and brings you into the song. Also, the slide solo on “Cooaka (Dog)” was a good choice, hooking the listener in.

The EP is fantastic, with the only real knock being a voicemail recording on “Like a Ghost,” which was a little distracting and didn’t really fit into the whole vibe of the recording. Aside from that, the album is solid, beautiful and a great listen. It’ll be interesting to see what Co Founder comes up with as he establishes himself in the local scene. Hayden is definitely an artist to keep an eye and ear on.

-Jackson Main 

Published in the October 2015 issue of What’s Up! Magazine