Album Review: Dad Jazz: Torture Your Ghost

Dad Jazz

Torture Your Ghost

Brutal. It would be near impossible to describe Torture Your Ghost in any other way. The record is 16 or so minutes of Dad Jazz punching you, the listener, in the mouth, albeit with a huge smile on your face.

The album presents itself as a blend of technical thrash metal, hardcore, and grindcore – i.e. a more technical version of Portland outfit Drunk Dad. The musicianship of each member is readily apparent with the effect laden, abrasive/guttural vocals acting as the glue that holds this organized chaos of music together. Alex Ferrin, who also handled mixing, mastering and engineering duties, recorded all 14 songs over the span of five hours and its important to highlight the quality of production, which is impeccable.

Included at various points are audio samples of what sounds like Televangelists to portions of news broadcasts. These parlay well into the overall feel of the record and help give this album the breath necessary to melt together, creating a whole. There is a sense of calm achieved after listening – as if everything in the world has been turned down and been given emotional release that’s needed to function in the day-to-day.

Yet to anyone other than devoted metal fans, the record may seem lacking in the diversity necessary to hold & maintain the every day listeners attention.  Dad Jazz is not going to be your entrance into heavy music, but if you’re well versed in the genre, they might just be your new favorite band.

(As of press time, it was just announced that Dad Jazz have disbanded).

-Hayden Eller