Album Review: Defenestrator: Assimilation, Vile Messiah


Assimilation, Vile Messiah

For those of you not “in the know,” a defenestrator is someone who pushes another person out of a window. It is also the name of a Bellingham-based band that has been gracing the metal scene with their music for a number of years and is quite possibly Bellingham’s best-kept metal secret. Categorizing themselves with in the confines of technical metal is some sort of an understatement. In short, these guys play classical music, mixed with thrash metal and a fair helping of black metal.

Defenestrator recently released a two-song EP on Bandcamp as a teaser for their upcoming full-length album, which will be recorded this month. The two songs on this release are “Assimilation” and “Vile Messiah.” The songs are of great quality, recorded and produced by Josh Wildhorn. They brutally attack the listener’s senses with intricate guitar riffs, blistering vocals, and blast beats.

If you have ever found yourself interested in any sort of sub-genre of metal it would behoove you to check out this band for their technical prowess alone. Better yet, go see them live. They put on a killer show.

–Robby Cleary