Album Review: Linda Allen: Carry Us Through This Night

Linda Allen

Carry Us Through This Night

On her eighth musical release folk-singer Linda Allen gives us Carry Us Through This Night. This music is soothing, warm, and comforting – each song glows like a wintertime fire and has an authenticity and power, which Linda Allen can express to tap into the softest parts in all of our hearts. The guitar and piano melodies, violin and cello playing, and vocal harmonies all combine to create the eighteen-song masterpiece. Sometimes it’s about the simplicity of the message and the structure, which can bring about the most inspiring messages. Linda Allen captures these sentiments and allows the music to lead you to the truth of her words.

All of these songs have a precious timelessness about them, and the classic sound rings pure and true. Her first song, “I Will Comfort You,” will put you at ease instantly. It’s so gentle and caring, while listening to it feels as if the song has a purpose, and that purpose is solely to spread good-will and love. Truly the whole album can fit that description, but each song can do it in different ways. For example, “Knitting Lessons” offers wisdom applicable to practically anyone in one of the most heart-warming and adorable little tunes I’ve ever heard: “When something goes wrong and you’re facing a knot, don’t reach for the scissors to deal with the mess, gently untangle that’s usually the best.”

Carry Us Through This Night carries a seasonal presence, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for the holidays. The song “My Whole Heart” is about Thanksgiving, and the acapella style harmonies found in other tracks like “I Will Lie Down” and “Invocation” is reminiscent of Christmas carols. Linda Allen reminds us to relax and enjoy the life around us in the track “Take Off These Shoes” as she digs deeper into a country-style of playing. She always brings about the higher virtues in her music such as love, compassion, selflessness, and patience. It’s as if each track carries something special, something true to her own heart, and she shares it so joyously.

The uplifting spirit of Linda Allen radiates within the music of Carry Us Through This Night, and the songs are reminders to be better to each other – to be better to ourselves. Give your loved ones a true gift this holiday season by playing some heartwarming tunes from the Linda Allen collection.

–Mark Broyles