Tin Foil Cat: Cats, aliens and good times

by Tommy Calderon

mixture of a love of aliens, wanting something metal, a love of cats and a good sense of humor is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bellingham’s Tin Foil Cat.

Their rock n’ roll music is reminiscent of that classic rock n’ roll sound but of also something new and has people moving at all of their shows.

Tin Foil Cat keeps it simple with a set of drums handled by Lindsey Bear, a guitar played by Brian Webb, and a massive upright bass plucked by Mandible Everdoom. They’re a highly energetic, catchy and melodic band that’s main goal is to bring a positive atmosphere for people to dance, Bear said.

“ Lyrically our music is a little dark but we try to keep it upbeat so it’s fun for everyone,” Mandible said.

The trio is began as a few friends who happened to all work in the restaurant business, spending long shifts in close quarters together and after a lot of time discussing their interest in beginning a band they finally did it, Bear said.

“When you spend so much time with each other in a space like that it’s hard not to get close with people,” she said. “It was a very natural thing.”

Each member’s musical background varies but it’s made for making great music, they said.

“We’re not about over complicating anything and approach it that way when we’re writing,” Webb said. “We like to keep it simple.”

Both Webb and Everdoom each have a long experience with playing guitar and writing songs and as a group they work collaboratively to make the songs fun for everyone in the group, Webb said.

For Everdoom it was her first venture into playing bass and she dove head first into it with her standup bass, she said.

“Honestly, I never had a respect for bass players until I played upright bass and now I totally get it; they’re the best,” Everdoom said.

Tin Foil Cat is one of the many bands on local label N7E Records headed by Robby Cleary and are excitedly anticipating the release of their first album this month.

After taking a few days in Funk Schwey Studios with Mike Cloud to record they were set, they said.

“It was first time we heard ourselves recorded and it was one of the most amazing moments we have had as a band,” Webb said. “After having that experience it just made me want to do this even more and I’m so grateful for being able to.”

They a myriad of shows coming up in the future thanks to their label manager Robby Cleary, Everdoom said.

“We’ll be playing a lot of shows to help support the release of our album and hopefully sometime next year we’ll be touring, who knows?” she said.

Up until this point the band has had nothing but thanks to give for the support they’ve received in Bellingham.

“It’s never an easy thing to start a band but with the support we have had from people like Robby, venue owners and fans, it’s definitely made it easier,” Webb said.

Live Show: See Tin Foil Cat at the Cabin Tavern on Nov. 6 but keep an eye out for other dates. For more about the band, follow their Facebook page and listen in at tinfoilcat.bandcamp.com. 

Published in the November 2015 issue of What’s Up! Magazine