Manatee Commune: Clay

Manatee Commune has created yet another fascinating addition to his already doughy-eyed inducing collection of artfully created tracks. The warm, green, sunny days of summer have left us waking up to frosted mornings and leaving for work during the dark, damp evenings. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and the city couldn’t feel more subdued. The uninhibited, carefree feelings of summer are gone, and now all we have are the day-in and day-out obligations of our jobs, family, and friends. The holiday frenzy is quickly approaching us and we all know that the anxiety that comes along with it has already started to hit us.

Manatee Commune’s latest, Clay, is a cleverly produced electric-pop single. The song begins with instruments that mimic an island luau, then it kicks into gear with Marina Price’s vocals merging smoothly, yet she sings the lyrics with enough inquisitiveness to make us wonder if she is taunting someone for being too reserved. The song begs us to loosen up a little, and enjoy the lemons that life has given us.

Comparing the rest of the album is pleasantly surprising and interesting. Without Price’s optimist singing along, Eadie’s instrumental sounds like background music to a Japanese animation. Listen to the mind easing acapella version of this tune, soft enough to be a children’s bedtime lullaby. Put vocal and instrumental together, and the collaboration creates a dream world we all can (and probably need to) escape to.


-Erin Bersch 

Published in the December 2015 issue of What’s Up! Magazine