Patchy Sanders: One last show before they go


When Oregon-based Patchy Sanders plays the Green Frog on Friday, Dec. 18, it will be a bittersweet show. This will be the band’s last show in Bellingham and third to last show ever, as they will be breaking up at the end of this tour. But don’t shed a tear; rejoice in the fact that you’ll have one more chance to hear their sweet harmony-filled toe tapping tunes before they go. But don’t fret, bad blood isn’t splitting the group, they are going out on their own terms, which means fans can expect one hell of a emotional show.

“The truth is we travel with the four year-old daughter of our mandolin (Ian) and banjo’s (Danielle) players while on tour and after three years they decided it wouldn’t be best for her to grow up in a car seat,” said Sara Wilber (violin). “It was a good reason to stop, so we decided back in January that this would be it and we would finish out the year strong.”

Although the band — including Jacqui (vocals), Dan (guitar) and Eric (bass) — are going their separate ways, a few members already have new projects in the works, but they are focusing on ending the reign of Patchy Sanders at the top of their game. The band recently wrapped up a six-week national tour and will finish the year with a small west coast tour, ending in their hometown of Ashland.

“The national tour was a huge accomplishment for us and I’m very proud of what the band has become,” Wilbur said. “We have been touring so much this year, the songs are amazingly tight and we have lots of trust in each other to experiment, which makes the songs fresh and exciting on a nightly basis.”

Recent shows have garnered praise from audiences, but the feeling is bittersweet after learning about the impending end.

“The toughest part is having fans come up to us after the show and tell us we should play this festival or venue next time. We want to be honest with them and when we tell them we’re breaking up, they get confused or upset,” Wilbur said. “But they ultimately understand the whole reason for this tour is to give the fans one more great show and repay everyone who has been great to us in the past.”

The band saved the best part of the tour for last, bringing along their good friends Steep Ravine to join in the final fun.

“Steep Ravine opened for us a few years back in Ashland and we immediately fell in love with their music and personality,” Wilbur said. “They are this amazing funky, jazzy, bluegrass rock band and we are super excited they are joining us, we couldn’t ask for a better band to hit the road with on our last tour.”

The band picked cities for the last tour that they were fond of playing in and wanted to thank the fans for their support. Of course, Bellingham made the list.

“We’ve played Bellingham a few times and we love the area and how supportive the scene is. We have friends there and we knew we had to play the Green Frog one more time,” Wilbur said.

Expect the emotions to be running high as the band plays one more show before they go.

“We are really fired up and will be giving it our all at every show. We all feel like it’s the right time to end, we’re all ready to explore new things, but before we go, we owe our fans one more great night of music.”

LIVE SHOW: See Patchy Sanders on their farewell tour  Dec. 18 at the Green Frog. More more about the band, see 

Published in the December 2015 issue of What’s Up! Magazine