Le Beat: January 2016

Editor’s Note

CORRECTIONS: Last month we had a photo mix-up and published a photo in the live show reviews crediting the wrong photographer (Tommy Calderon) and wrong band (Croak). The photo was taken by Emma Hartwell, and featured the band The Meridian Guide. We apologize to all involved.

The CD review of At Eternity’s Gate stated the music was covering Douglas Stranger but it was in fact songs written by his friends to Douglas after his passing. I apologize for the misunderstanding (this was not the writer’s fault, but the editor’s).

SUPPORT: Last month we shared details about some in the music scene battling cancer and, unfortunately, the list has grown. James Hardesty, owner of the Green Frog, was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. We do not have a lot of details to share as of press time, but we’re hoping the best for him. Let’s show our support, and head on down to the Frog to help keep things going.

Also battling cancer is last month’s cover subject Bernie Worrell. He was recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, but is continuing to work his ass off. If you’d like to help Bernie launch his latest work, Retrospectives, see www.indiegogo.com/projects/bernie-worrell-retrospectives#/.

Our thoughts go out to James, Bernie and others battling right now. There are too many of you. Be well.

–Brent Cole


Le Beat January 2016

Oh, hello. How goes it Bellingham? My name is Hayden Eller, and I’m taking over Le Beat duties from the wickedly talented Raleigh Davis (pronounced Adele Dazeem). Moving forward, you’re all more than welcome to pester me on Facebook if you’d like something included in the following month’s column. I will do my best to get it in there!


December was relatively sparse in terms of new releases, although there are a few worth mentioning. New Hardcore/Punk outfit Boxcutter (ex. Agonizer, Serious Black, Muppet Fetish, Seizures, Glennard Skinnard) released their debut EP What Kind of World Do We Live In. If you’ve been craving some punk-induced, Black Flag/SSD-esque, rage dancing (a la Kevin Bacon in Footloose) you’re in luck, as singer Robby Cleary has announced they’re looking to start playing live shows in the near future.

The gentlemen in Dog Mountain (previously Dogs) released a track from their forthcoming (yet to be named) EP. “Blue Gleam” was engineered by Samuel Bolt and features violin and trumpet performances by Benferd Rollins and Sam Carlos. Definitely take a few minutes to check it out, as, surprisingly enough, the recent name change did nothing to reduce the talent of these fellas.

SO (ex. Creech) is in the process of finishing up recording and hope to resume playing shows this month. If you haven’t heard them yet, check out their demo via bandcamp  (“Thinking Ahead” is a personal favorite) – definitely a band to keep tabs on in the near future.

In the last few weeks of the month Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters entered the studio at Champion Street Sound to begin recording their debut LP with Erik Wallace. They were also one of this month’s featured performances in the Bellingham Soundcheck series (Youtube), with the other video highlighting Croak’s mayhem of a live show.

Finally, Indie-Noise Pop trio The Shows have recently entered Big Hare Studio to begin recording new material for their new album SIGNIFIER. They’re hoping the album (a follow up to their debut ATARAXIA) will be ready for release by this summer and are looking to get back on stage ASAP.



Can you believe The Waterfront is doing shows? I mean, seriously, THE WATERFRONT IS DOING SHOWS! Go to the first one on Jan. 22 and catch The Vaticxnts, Cat Bomb, Tin Foil Cat and Alcojuana, then see Kosmo and Naughty Blokes a week later. You wanna keep this place a venue, go see shows!

The kind folks at Unknown Board Shop are in the works to begin selling music/merch on behalf of any local bands that want to participate. If you or your band are interested, contact Jamie Garza (or drop by the store) for more details! Rumor has it they’re looking to start hosting live shows as well, which adds another great all-ages venue to the community.

The Bellingham Folk Festival is back on Jan. 22-23). The event’s website states, “The festival offers three days of inspiring workshops, performances, dances, and jams for all ages and abilities.” Workshops offered range from “Jug Band Style”, to “Stringband 101: So you want to be in a band?” and shows will take place at both The Green Frog and Honey Moon. Full weekend passes are available for $125, a single-day Friday pass will run you $40, and entrance into the Friday night concerts are $15.

Word is The Co Founder and The City Hall will be heading out on a weeklong regional tour at the end of the month, the full details of which will be released soon. So get back inside, binge listen to the new Serial, and check that out.

Local experimental pop band, Breaking the Spell, have officially undergone a name change, now performing under the name The Living Arrows. They’re currently in the market for a drummer (who can also handle singing duties) to round out their lineup, so if that’s you shoot, them a message ASAP. thelivingarrows at gmail dot com


If you’re struggling to find ways to spend those crumpled up dollar bills you’ve been ferreting away the last few months, January’s lineup of shows is a great option. You can head over to the monthly live schedule for a complete list of shows, but here are a few highlights.

Make.Shift will be hosting shows on Jan. 5 (Looming, Run Forever, Rookery, Xavier’s School – $6) and Jan. 22 (The Exquisites, Dogs on Acid, Couch – FREE), the latter as part of the Make.Shift Arts Awards ceremony.

At the Wild Buffalo you’ll find great shows on the 12th (Car Seat Headrest, Hello I’m Sorry, TBA – $8), 16th (Ayron Jones & The Way, The Staxx Brothers – $7), and the 21st (Blackalicious, Mostafa – $15). On Jan. 23 you can mosey on down for the What’s Up! Awards Show, featuring performances by Wild Throne, Rabbit Wilde, Mostafa, Dryland, STFU, and Ässwipé. If you haven’t already, make sure to head to our website to cast your vote for all of the talented local artists that have been nominated!

Voting ends on Jan. 7, so if yer picking this up at the beginning of the month, you’ve still got time! Go to www.whatsup-magazine.com! VOTE!

You might as well just sleep at the Shakedown on the 15th/16th – the first night Weed, Low Hums & Dog Mountain ($6) will share the stage, followed by Don’t, Slacks, The Ellis Deviants ($7) a night later. Doors are at 9 both nights, with music starting at 10.

Local “chamber groove quartet” Zoo Patrol are performing at The Green Frog on the 16th. They’re going on early (7pm) so make sure to catch their set before heading out that night. The immensely talented Barton Carroll will take the stage on Jan. 23rd

In the mythical land of underground house shows Loudhouse will host Prom King, Ridge Way, Lalocheiza, and The Meridian Guide on the 8th – message them via Facebook for the address and as always, no drugs/no booze/no jerks. The Alternative Library (recently reopened at the Karate Church on High St.) will host Iji, The City Hall, and The Co Founder on the 24th. The show will mark the beginning of the aforementioned The City Hall/The Co Founder regional tour.



On the comedy front, there are a few interesting/unique shows taking place this month. On the 5th, the Wild Buffalo will be hosting a special stand-up showcase at, which will be filmed and then sent off comedy agents. Three days later, Sue Mattson’s “Pulling A Steve Miller Show” will kick off at the Shakedown, featuring performances by eight comedians and two bands.

“Pants on Fire: A game of Truth and Lies” will take place on the 14th at the Shakedown. Directly from Conn Buckley, “this twist on British style panel shows will reveal hidden secrets of its contestants and test their deviousness”. It will be hosted by longtime Bellingham featured comic, Joel O’Connor and run by producers of The Whatever’s Clever Variety Show.

Finally, you can end the month with observational comedian Tig Notaro, who will be performing at the Western campus Jan. 22.



I’m doing a recommendation each month as a part of Le Beat, and here is one local Northwest artist I’ve been enjoying lately and would like to share with all you fine readers whom haven’t gotten a chance to hear the album yet: Hello, I’m Sorry – Benevolence. Check it out, get inspired.


So there’s your brief December scene recap – See you all at the Buff on Jan. 23 for the Awards show! Have a great January!