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Make way for Babe Waves

By Tommy Calderon

As of today, Wednesday, May 4, 2016, Bellingham’s Fallopia are changing their name to Babe Waves.The group came to the decision after some time thinking and growing as a group they said. “The sound is getting different, we’re moving forward, and I don’t know, we’ve wanted something less cheesy,” bassist, Dylan Kloch said.

The group also had someone reach out with some concerns about the band name and biological essentialism, they said. They felt the name may have not been as inclusive as they wanted it to be as well, the band said.

“We listen to what people say and if a fan or someone that listen to our music reaches out to us we want to take them into consideration as well,” guitarist, Amanda Hodgins said.

According to Babe Waves, there is a lot happening in the near future – they’re putting a lot more effort to play shows, in and out of Bellingham, as well as writing more.

As for the name, Kloch explained, “If you’re a cool, good person who’s not a hater, then you’re a babe.”

Catch Babe Waves at Make.Shift on May 12, at 8 p.m. with Naked Napes, Scumeating and The Vaticxnts.BabeWaves001