Online Music Review – Blooprints by Vervex

It’s a long drive in the sunshine along the coast with the windows down, an evening feel-good dance party and imaginably the soundtrack to that next big indie film about to premiere at the local movie theater next week.

In the sea of electronic music coming out in recent times, Blooprints by Vervex, stands out and is without a doubt the best electronic indie album you’ll hear coming out of the Pacific Northwest this year. Taking musical influence from a large spectrum of genres such as hip-hop, reggae and even new wave, this album is complex and grooves in a magnificent way.

Jake Barrow a.k.a. Vervex, self released the album on April 28, 2016 and it’s his sixth release (including singles) under the name Vervex.

The songs are incredibly enjoyable to listen to, get lost in and have some great hooks that continually have me jamming along to the music.

Instruments are beautifully layered and their musical pieces are sensory satisfaction.

Barrow’s use of vocals on the album are perfectly harmonized and his lyrics protrude maturity while still easily sticking in your head. Generally speaking, electronic albums tend to not have a lot of lyrical emphasis but in Barrow’s case there is greater lyrical presence which in my opinion helps his music a lot. While there is quite a bit of singing on the album, there are great instrumental parts to jam to in the music as well.

For previous fans, there are a couple of older tracks making their on to this album, these being” Growing Pains” and “Horizon Lines.” While they aren’t new, they sound better than they did on previous releases and fit perfectly in the other eight new songs that are on Blooprints.

While I do love this album, each song runs about four minutes each and I think a little variety in length would help balance the album out a little more.

Blooprints is a wonderful album and Barrow should be incredibly proud of the music he has made. He is doing something that many people think they can do and ultimately proving those people wrong.

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Here are my must listen to tracks:


-Set Chaser


-Horizon Lines