Le Beat: June 2016

June’s here. Two sunburns and counting.


Rejoice! The reformatting made it past the editor last month (hey Brent) so it stays!

WWU: The Flavr Blue, Cosmos the Band, Snug Harbor, Crooked Neighbours, TBA – (June 4/free) Western’s annual Lawnstock festival will include a performance by the winners this year’s AS Battle of the Bands, Crooked Neighbours.

The Shakedown: Vacationeer, Iska Dhaaf, Wampire, The Co Founder (June 2/Doors at 8 p.m./$6) *via facebook*  Ryan Crowther –“Jesus. This bill!”. This bill = $6. SIX. DOLLARS. Weeed, Braindrain (June 17/Doors at 9 p.m./$7) Maria, remember this one.

The Swillery: Couches (SF), Dog Mountain, Kuvoza (June 5/Doors at 9 p.m./$5) Kuvoza is the newest project of local musician Jack Aldrich – Nikko Van Wyck has gone on record saying their amazing. What better way to spend a Sunday night? Lalochezia, Tetrachromat, Designer Disguise, Red//Giant (June 11/Doors at 9 p.m./ $5) Lalochezia and Tetrachromat, individually, would be worth your time – now you get two for the price of one! Designer Disquise advanced to the semi-finals of this years AS Battle of the Bands. Rookery, Roland, Seminars (June 25/ Doors at 9 p.m./ $5) When the Swillery is packed is arguably the best venue in town (shout out to everyone who was at the Bearcubbin’ show last year) – this one’s got potential.

The Wild Buffalo: Blackalicious, Mostafa, Landon Wordswell (June 12/ Doors at 8 p.m./$15 ADV) No explanation necessary for Blackalicious or Mostafa – while it’s possible you’re not yet familiar with Landon Wordswell, it shouldn’t take much longer. Music Moves Me featuring Deadly D, Invictus Ruby Flame, tba (June 18/Doors at 8  p.m./ DONATION) Music Moves Me is an annual event to which community members are invited to bring underutilized musical instruments so that they may find a new home in our public schools being loved and played by young musicians.  Show is 21+, with donations being accepted at the door. Rogue Wave, Hibou (June 23/Doors at 8 p.m./$15 ADV) Build to Spill, Toy Zoo, Genders (June 30/ Doors at 8/$20 ADV). STFU Robot (July 2/Doors at 8 p.m./$13 ADV) This one gets included because it’s STFU Robot. You plan ahead for STFU Robot.

The Green Frog: Von Stomper (June 8/8 p.m./$5) Inspired by the lonely, the downtrodden, and the insane– the voices of Von Stomper, a Colorado based five piece, reach into the expansive lexicon of American roots music and make it howl. Their high energy live show has left boots tattered and dance floors torn time and time again. Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners (June 12/8 p.m./$8) Among the finest young roots-oriented acts on the west coast, Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners have taken the hot jazz of the 20s and 30s and combined it with country blues, western swing, and ragtime styles to create an irresistible sound that satisfies dancers and listeners alike. Leaning heavily on their expertly crafted originals, this 6-piece outfit based in Portland, OR also creates clever arrangements of lesser known traditional material.

Loudhouse: Candysound, dentaru no tsuba, Curse League, Good Sleep (June 10/6:30 – 10.30 p.m./$5) dentaru no tsuba is the new project of Rob Granfelt (New Lungs, Dog Mountain) and will melt your face.


The iDiOM is in the home stretch of its 2015/16, with just a handful of shows left in their original location (before moving to Sylvia Center for the Arts this summer). Their final show, opening June 9 and playing for three weekends, will be the theaters first production of Hamlet using Shakespeare’s original text—albeit a slightly abridged edit by director Heather Dyer that trims down some of the international intrigue in favor of a focus on the interpersonal relationships and conflict in Hamlet’s court and family (and reduces the running time from four hours to two-and-a-half).

Also feel free to catch the last week of Come With Me If You Want to Live, an 80s musical parody, paying homage to a certain cult classic 1984 sci-fi action blockbuster, starring a future Governor of California.

Rumor has it Dryland spent some time in the studio with Erik Wallace working the band’s debut full-length. No details were available regarding a release date, but get excited. Harpy announced the completion of two new tracks on May 16th – release date tba.

The Cabin (formerly The Cabin Tavern) will be reopening under the management of former 3B bartender Christian Danielson. Early reports are it’s utterly fantastic, which you’d expect since it is Christian. So so so so excited about this place opening up.

House of Blue Leaves will be returning to the studio on June 13 to begin the recording process for their next proper album release, Nu- Cacophony. The group will be working with Seattle based producer Johnny Goss (The fall of Troy, LA LUZ, cock and swan etc.). Mr. Goss also produced their last record Charmed Existence in September of 2014. The band has hinted that we “can expect a more high fidelity sound, bigger guitars, more technical parts, and an emphasis on melody and aggression.”

Blue Star will release their debut album #dontcallthecops later this month – an eight song adventurer recorded in pockets of the Skagit Valley (with start up distribution and recording company Natural Cut Records), the album will be available in select stores on Sunday, June 26, 2016.

Blue Star is a duo comprised of Anthony Bailey on guitars and Joy Westermann on violin (both members add vocals to the album) The couple has spent the previous six years playing music together, refining their style and blending their talents.

Tillie Lace Gallery and School of Fine Art will be hosting their Grand Opening Party on June 4, 2016 from 6 to 9pm. Live music will be featured throughout the night by local musicians, including Hollywood Award winning artist Cheryl Hodge. Cooper and Morgan Lanza opened the doors to Tillie Lace Gallery and School of Fine Art on April 15, 2016. This mother-daughter duo brings together the fine and performing arts under one roof.

In N7E news, Vaticunts are currently preparing for the release of their new album comes out on June 4th, rehearsing for their release show that night at the Waterfront. Boxcutter recorded a new track that will be featured on a NW punk compilation, with 3 other bands including Poison Idea, the Supersuckers and Potbelly.  It will be a regional release of only 300 vinyl records.

The Katie Gray will be releasing a new single in the coming weeks, followed by an album this summer – keep up with the groups latest releases via Facebook.

The Living Arrows are nearing the completion of their upcoming full-length album, with a release date set for this September (accompanied by album release concert and party – details tba). The band has also announced intentions to tour throughout Colorado later that month, writing to members of their mailing list, “If you have a favorite venue in Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, or Buena Vista where you’d love us to serenade you, drop us a line! We want to sing there! (your house included!).”

The LEGENDARY Trailer Wars is calling it a day after seven years and 50 events. The finally great night will be held on June 22, 9pm at the Pickford Film Center. If you aren’t familiar with Trailer Wars, local filmmakers every six weeks will make trailers based on a theme, then all the submissions will be viewed with the winner getting to choose the next theme. It’s one of the coolest things happening in Bellingham over the years, so go check out the show and end the run with a bang.


SO released a new four song EP early last month – the release is titled devour, and is available via bandcamp. Here is the url: https://sobellingham.bandcamp.com/album/devour.

–Hayden Eller



Editor’s Note: It pains me greatly to say, but this month we say good bye to one of the all-time awesome people of the Bellingham music scene – Joel Myrene. While he might not be a household name now, back in the day, Joel was the king shit of local music – he played in bands (84 and Go Slowpoke, and most recently STINK! and the Muscle Relaxers) as swell as booking at The Factory, then 3B, then Chiribins. He always had a smile, a laugh and knew what local music was all about. Joel and his amazing bride, Katja Gottbrecht, are moving to Wenatchee (Joel’s hometown), where they’ve bought a home recently. I hate being anything but sarcastic in regards to Joel, but in all honesty, I’m going to miss him – just knowing he was around made me happy. Hopefully they’ll come back and visit from time to time!

Also, we’re very happy to report Victor Gotelaere and James Hardesty are both done with chemo treatments. As of press time, Victor got a clean bill of health, while James has one more procedure left to go before getting his official scan and ok. We’re very, very, very excited to have both of them healing up! Keep them in your thoughts. Thanks!

–Brent Cole