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Pierce the Veil, Neck Deep and I Prevail in Seattle at The Showbox Sodo on 9/6/16

IPrevail_2 NeckDeep_4 PierceTheVeil_2 PierceTheVeil_5 PierceTheVeil_7 PierceTheVeil_15A line stretched stretched two blocks from the Showbox in Seattle’s Sodo district. Obviously, the mass of teenagers, young adults and even some accompanying parents were stoked about this show; I was too.

The three band lineup hit many places in the genre spectrum that ultimately kept the show feeling fresh and interesting for the most part. Ultimately, the show consisted of a lot of great moments and solid performances all around.

I Prevail took the stage first with a seven-song set of non-stop heaviness. This newer Michigan metalcore band performed very well and kept their energy high from the start of their set until the end. I Prevail made huge efforts to get the crowd pumped. They even had a wall of death toward the end of their set.

There were the obligatory breakdowns, deep ferocious screams, heavy drums and support from a second vocalist providing clean and screaming parts as well. The use of two vocalists in this genre isn’t anything new but is definitely starting to take off more as I see bands like this and I Prevail does a fairly good job incorporating both vocalists in their songs.

While they had a solid performance, I didn’t feel like their sound was particularly memorable but I definitely attribute this to being a newer group than anything else. Their first full-length album isn’t even out and they’re on this huge tour so they’re doing something right. I’d give them time for another album and I’m sure they’ll be writing some incredible music. They have a great foundation with plenty of room for growth.

The United Kingdom’s, Neck Deep performed next. Their catchy pop punk songs had the whole crowd chanting along. As a part of a newer wave of pop punk that has resurged in the past five years they stand out. I’ve seen they’re names everywhere and have seen them in Seattle before.

Despite never getting too much into their music before, everytime I see them perform is an experience. The crowd’s deep emotional attachment to every single word and part always amazes me in the most positive way. As I looked at the crowd during the set I felt like I could see dreams coming true for them. Expressions of pure joy, excitement and even tears filled the floor when Neck Deep were on stage. Their performance was very tight but from having seen them before I know their energy level could have been higher. Despite this, they still gave a hell of a show.

Pierce the Veil took the stage with most likely the best entrance I’ve ever seen.

A white curtain was draped in front of the stage that acted as a screen to an animation of the band crash landing into Seattle from space. At the end of the sequence the curtain dropped, lights and fog went off and the band emerged in spacesuits from a space shuttle they have as a part on their stage.

The band started their first song “Dive In” with a blast of confetti; talk about starting a show on a high point. I’ve always been fond of Pierce the Veil’s post-hardcore music and their latino culture they incorporate in their music. Whether it’s instrumentally, structurally or thematically, it’s always resonated with me as a fellow Mexican.

Pierce the Veil’s stage presence sets a high bar for any band to live up to. The constant running around, jumping and stepping onto risers easily would exhaust many people but they kept it up for over an hour. Every member of the band had their parts impeccably down and surpass any recording listening experience I’ve ever had of them.

Apart from a stellar performance, they engaged with the crowd a lot and even brought a fan on stage for their song “Bulletproof Love.” I’m sure that fan’s night and possibly life was made in that moment. Their performance alone was completely worth going to the show.

Favorite songs they performed that evening were: “Bulls in The Bronx” and “Hell Above.”


Pierce the Veil Setlist for the show:

Dive In


Texas is Forever

Devine Zero

Bulletproof Love

Floral & Fading

Kissing in Cars

Hell Above

Bulls in The Bronx

Stained Glass Eyes and Colorful Tears

Hold on Till May


King for a Day