Invictvs: Creating Eudaemonia

article by Brent Cole

photo by Jack Boyd

The world of hip hop seemingly consumes much of popular music and culture, so not surprisingly, there is an abundance of young hip hop artists striving to find their sound and express their thoughts and feelings. Among those making hip hop in the Pacific Northwest is Invictvs, a Seattle/Bellingham band who have just released their debut EP, Eudaemonia.

Comprised of Seattle based brother Dallas and Shawn Quick (drums and bass/guitar respectively), as well as Bellingham MC Jonah Faulk (current booker at AS Pop on campus), the trio met while attending Nathan Hale in Seattle. “We all met in high school, Dallas and Shaun were a year above me. I did a lot of rapping in high school and Dallas offered to help me out with some recording well before we started collaborating. Super makeshift, I remember rapping into some sound proofing foam because we didn’t have a pop filter at the time,” Faulk stated.

After graduation, the three remained friend, and two years ago, Dallas, Jonah and ex-guitarist Ricardo Qunitanilla began playing music together for a hip hop covers show that didn’t materialize. “We had a great time playing together and I pitched the idea to him about making some original music for some lyrics I had,” Jonah said, adding, “When Dallas brought up the idea of his twin brother Shaun, playing bass with us, I thought it was a great idea.”

Invictvs was formed. Over the next two years, the band honed their craft, playing bar and house shows in Seattle and Bellingham with such bands as Mostafa super group, Deadly D, Mp, Estimate, Ayo Dot and the Upper Cuts, Bob Fossil, Freddy Empire, Aaron Carter and Ryan Caraveo. Last month, the quartet played a release show (their last with Ricardo) and are moving forward as a trio with record in hand.

“The Quicks have already come up with six or seven songs for me to write to, and now we’re working on readying our new set and making new music. I’m amazed at how quick they have come up with new material (maybe I shouldn’t be) and have been really impressed with how they have stepped up as musicians, and thinking outside their roles in the band… Dallas writing bass lines in addition to drums and Shaun writing guitar parts in addition to bass…I feel lucky to be working with such creative people,” Faulk said.

While Faulk is quick to cite influences ranging from Talib Kweli to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and even Bruce Springsteen, the Quicks vague about what inspires their sound in Invictvs.

“If I had to choose I’d say hip hop and rock – Hip rock,” said Dallas. Shaun added, “I intially would say hip-hop lyricism with instrumentation coming from a wide range of genres such as hip-hop, rock, funk, soul but since the first song we created to now it has changed and I see to continue to change.”

As for the future, the band eventually hopes to tour in support of Eudaemonia (which means happiness from doing what you love). “We definitely have aspirations to tour. We’re hoping that we can be on the road within a year of the release,” Dallas stated.

His brother added, “Yes spring summer time. We want to keep reaching out to our community around the Pacific Northwest and play some events that we have dreamed of playing since we were young.”

See Invictvs perform at the Wild Buffalo on Thursday, Oct. 27, with Na’an Stop, and Deadly D. For more information, see their Facebook page at

Published in the October 2016 issue of What’s Up! Magazine