Le Beat: November 2016

Local notes on what’s happening with musicians, events and more. Have something to share? Send your info to editor@whatsup-magazine.com.

Every month I tell myself I need to plan ahead and include something meaningful to start Le Beat off with – then I procrastinate. Now we’re here. Why did the Dad yell at his kids to grab their colored pencils while they were out for a Sunday drive? Cause they were approaching a drawbridge.


We hope everyone has been enjoying the 12 months of Django. We only have three months to go – watch out for special good times in December and January. #12monthsofdjango #famous

Machine Animal have released a new 7” via the California based record label Valley King Records. The single is titled “Live in Wreck” with the b-side titled “Devil Woman.” The tracks are limited to this vinyl release, which is available now (limited quantity). The release party will be held at Gruff Brewing on Nov. 12, with music starting at 9. The event is free, with Gruff brewing a special “machine animal” beer for one night only.

The Slo Pitch has announced their yearly fundraising event for next month – 100 percent of ALL GROSS food and beverage sales will be donated to Blue Skies for Children. The fundraiser will be on Nov. 8, from 6 a.m. that morning to 6 a.m. the next day. Blue Skies for Children “helps provide enrichment activities to youths like sport, dance, swim, martial art, music and art lessons” throughout Whatcom County. Past fundraisers have seen close to $10,000 raised – get to The Slo Pitch on Nov. 8.!

House of Blue Leaves have already begun writing a follow up to their newest release, Nu-Cacophony (released Oct. 15). The band doesn’t have a timetable for the release of their second full length, but keep your eyes peeled for updates in the near future. Nu-Cacophony is available via the group’s Bandcamp page for “pay what you want.”

Kuvoza have announced the completion of tracking for their debut full length (title TBA). The album was recorded down in Anacortes with the one and only Mr. Eric Wallace of Shibusa Sound.

Plans have been set in place for the release of a local compilation this January – featuring the music of The Co Founder, House Of Blue Leaves, Cat Valley, Candysound, Dryland, and many more, all proceeds from the album will be donated to the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center. The organization aims “to provide and promote constructive and collaborative approaches to conflict through mediation, training, facilitation and community education.”

Local emcee Mostafa hit the road for a West Coast run with Landon Wordswell and Gift of Gab (Blackalicious) this past month, making their way up the West Coast before heading east. Keep up to date on Mostafa’s social media pages as well – word is he’s been working on new tracks in preparation for the release of a new album. Mostafa (alongside Jonah Falk of Invictvs) has been hosting a relatively new monthly event at The Shakedown called The Breaks, aiming as a rallying point for the local hip hop community. The next installment will take place on Thursday, Dec. 1and it’s FREE!

Babe Waves (formerly Fallopia) will be taking time off from playing shows this winter to begin work on a follow to last February’s Just Regular Girls. Word on the street is that the band hopes to record an EP for release sometime in 2017. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates in the coming weeks/months.

Hello I’m Sorry will head south to join The Co Founder for the Wenatchee, and Bellingham dates of the group’s upcoming winter tour. Catch them at Jacuzzi House on Dec. 10 with Bob Fossil and Cat Valley. The Shows released their new album (Signifier) this past month, celebrating with House of Blue Leaves, Fretts, Faux Pas, and Deep Sleep at The Shakedown on Oct. 22.  The show acted as a dual release party, as The Fretts celebrated the release of their debut full length as well.

Lucas Hicks has posted a short update on FB regarding his recovery and ongoing battle with cancer.  He can tell you better than I should, so please go to his page if you are interested in an update. In the mean time, please keep Lucas in your thoughts and go see him play with Deakin Hicks.


The Shakedown: (11/9) Fishbone, Larry and His Flask // 21+, $18-$20 // The poster for this show literally just has a Fish skeleton and a date on it. And it will sell out – for good reason. Get your tickets early. (11/10) KZAX Radio Benefit – Bob Fossil, Couch, Space Mom, Future Habit // 21+, Suggested Donation // Benefits always get a nod of approval! Put on by Make.Shift, this one will feature Bellingham’s version of The Minutemen, Couch. (11/17) The Breaks: A Celebration of Hip Hop Culture // 21+, Free // Hosted by local Emcee Mostafa, he puts together a great lineup each month (often helped by Jonah Falk, of Invictvs) – and it’s FREE.  (11/26) Castle, Mos Generator, Year of the Cobra, Dryland // 21+, $8 // Dryland is currently mastering their new record. Come watch Hollie be the world’s coolest boss.

The Green Frog: (11/5) Robbie Fulks // 21+, $20 // Widely regarded by those who monitor such things as one of the most gifted songwriters to ever play the trade, he can sing the kids ditty “Eggs” and Haggard’s “Sing a Sad Song” back to back and mean ‘em both. While it is true he started off a honky tonk smartass, it quickly became evident that Robbie was a monster talent and some of his early Bloodshot albums have been rightly elevated to the status of “classic” and serve as their own Greatest Hits collections. (11/15) My Bubba // 21+, $12 // Scandinavian folk duo My Bubba make soft, soulful, sensual music that’s as playful as it is powerful. Together, My Larsdotter and Bubba Tomasdottir have toured with Damien Rice, co-written music with Matthew E. White, recorded with Noah Georgeson and stepped on Bryan Adams’ toes. Literally.

Make.Shift (All shows are All Ages and $6): (11/3) Iska Dhaaf, Special Explosion, Candysound // Come welcome Nikko and Jase home from their Fall US Tour with Iska. (11/12) Tom Nook, Casual Friday, Mom Jeans, Graduating Life // MOM JEANS ARE COMING BACK. Check out their debut full length “Best Buds” on Itunes and get ready to dance your bottoms off. (11/18) Sisters, The Teachers, Future Habitat // Sisters are based out of Seattle and I’m pretty sure they played at the Woodland Park Zoo this summer. Not sure how that’s related, but go to this.

Mosh Eisley: (11/22) Lolachezia, Machine Girl, Tetrachromat, Twin Sibling // All Ages, $5 // Your monthly house show recommendation – Lolachezia is always rad. If you’re not already in the know, message the Mosh Eisley FB page for an address.

Underground Coffeehouse at WWU: (11/9) The Co Founder, Momo Grace // All Ages, Free // Catch The Co Founder’s only performance this month and first acoustic one in Bellingham since May. Momo Grace kicks things off at 7 p.m.


Thoughtful and heartfelt drum rolls, please. Your music recommendation for the month of November is Only at Night by Candysound. Tao is an unbelievable songwriter, but this new release is above and beyond anything the band has released previously (still acknowledging that Past Live and Now + Then are Bellingham classics).

–Hayden Eller



Editor’s Note: Last month, two beautiful influences in the local art community, George Jartos and Shelley Muzzy, passed away.

While I barely knew George, he did a great cover for us awhile back. I remember always seeing him out and about, wearing shorts in weather when he should’ve probably been bundled up. But, he went to the beat of a different drum and that showed in his art, which utilized beautiful colors in conveying his message. George wasn’t one to do showings, I can’t remember one ever coming across my desk, but he was always around, seemingly always talking to artists, hanging out and being a fixture in the town. One of my favorite pieces by him can be found at the Wild Buffalo if you want to check it out.

For years, Shelley owned Bijoux, a little jewelry store on Cornwall that advertised with the magazine. But beyond the store, she played an instrumental role in the local dance community, helping young dancers find their spirit. Shelley was a teacher to many in the community and someone whose influence will be missed.

A friend of mine once told me part of what he likes about Bellingham is that it’s a transient city – with the college, there’s always an influx of new people with new ideas. But, for me, it’s also those old school characters in town – people like George and Shelley, who created in Bellingham for years and became part of the community’s fabric. Part of who we are.

Luckily, their inspiration will live on in our community and hearts. Our thoughts are with families and friends. RIP George and Shelley.