Live Review – Regina Spektor at The Paramount in Seattle, Washington on Monday April 3, 2017.

Pics and review Regina_Spektor_2 Regina_Spektor_3 Regina_Spektor_4 Regina_Spektor_7 Regina_Spektor_9 Regina_Spektor_10 Regina_Spektor_11by Tommy Calderon

Chandeliers dangled and softly shimmered overhead as the crowd made their way to their seats. An eager anticipation was in the air and while I also shared in that anticipation, I don’t think I realized how excited I should have been.


Any chance to Regina Spektor is a special opportunity but when that same show is also being streamed for children in hospitals across the country and beyond, it feels even more special.


Her and the band’s presence was so captivating that what hours passed in what felt like minutes – there was never a dull moment, even in between songs. Spektor normally spent time between songs dedicating them to individual kids by name in the hospitals. It created a crowd call and response. Once she would say a name the crowd would respond, “We love you ____!” in an exuberant exclamation that would reverberate throughout the theater. I could feel the love being shown.


I can only imagine how many kids lives were changed because of this show and that feeling in itself is something I will never forget.


The performance itself, though, was equally inspiring. Spektor performed songs across her discography and all eras of her music felt fairly represented. I appreciated how she did play a lot of her new album as well. Her performance of “Tornadoland” was especially powerful.


The dynamics of her voice when singing were jaw dropping – she never seemed to miss a note even in the very few times she mixed up some lyrics. Seeing Spektor live gives new life to her recorded music and almost makes me crave live recordings more than her studio work. Some songs were performed slightly more uptempo like “Better” and “Fidelity” which ultimately gave an amazing energy to the songs than I had ever heard previously.


Lights accentuated each song and as each song ebbed and flowed they acted as paint brushes, painting the stage and crowd as she played. I couldn’t help but emotionally react throughout her performance. I found myself smiling from ear to ear, I teared up during parts and found myself laughing at small anecdotes in between songs.


The whole show was simply enthralling.


After three standing ovations and an encore the show ended but the impression she left on me will never fade.


While the tour dates for the remainder of her U.S. tour are few, I highly encourage you to see her with any chance you get.


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