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WEB EXCLUSIVE – Touche Amore at The Showbox Sodo on April 15

Thursday_Basement_Touche028 Thursday_Basement_Touche037 Thursday_Basement_Touche047 Thursday_Basement_Touche115 Thursday_Basement_Touche126Touche Amore have recently been supporting post-hardcore classic, Thursday, alongside Basement and Cities Aviv on a full U.S. tour. They stopped through Seattle at the Showbox Sodo on April 15 and it was fantastic.


In true hardcore fashion, Touche Amore’s performance started as quickly as it finished and left me craving more. Little time was wasted in between songs to the point of some songs transitioning into each other seamlessly.


In many ways, it felt very intimate and reminiscent of basement punk shows despite the venue being everything but a basement. It was the fast aggressive music, the band’s energy, stage presence and engagement with the crowd that made it feel so personal. Touche Amore seem to perform like every song is the last one they’ll be able to play. Everyone seems to give it their all for everything.


While, they’re primarily support for this tour they are also supporting their new album “Stage Four,” as well. “Stage Four” carries a narrative of lead singer, Jeremy Bolm’s loss of his mother to cancer. Needless to say, it’s a personal, powerful and vulnerable album. Seeing them perform songs from this album such as “Displacement,” “Flowers and You” and “Palm Dreams” felt like watching catharsis take place right before me. At times, I could see Bolm wiping his face and his eyes with his hands. Whether it was simply sweat or tears, I can only imagine what it would be like to sing songs with such evident emotion attached to them.


Despite a stellar performance, the one thing that hindered the evening was sound and the most unfortunate thing is that it was completely out of the band’s control. The mix sounded muddy and unbalanced while standing anywhere but directly at the front of the stage. Every band that evening suffered the same fate and ultimately took away from a show that would have been even more special.


Poor mixing and sound did not phase or deter me from wanting to see them again. Their music is raw, honest, personal and their performance was top notch. Thankfully, if you missed the show, they announced they’d be back in the fall so keep an eye out for future tour dates from Touche Amore. You won’t want to miss them.


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Setlist from that evening:

  1. Flowers and You
  2. Pathfinder
  3. The Great Repitition
  4. Art Official
  5. Displacement
  6. And Now It’s Happening in Mine
  7. Amends
  8. Benediction
  9. Palm Dreams
  10. Home Away From Here
  11. Just Exist
  12. Rapture
  13. ~