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Bayside, Say Anything – Showbox, April 29

Bayside_SayAnything_222 Bayside_SayAnything_254 Bayside_SayAnything_338 Bayside_SayAnything_385Anticipation was high as attendees shuffled along Seattle’s rain soaked sidewalk for a mighty co-headlining show featuring Bayside and Say Anything. A sold-out at Showbox Market usually means a good time but that night it meant a chance of a lifetime.

I’m mostly here to write about Bayside, that being said however, it was my first time seeing Say Anything and I have to say something – not only is there music timeless but their live performance was phenomenal and it was beautiful seeing people so invested in their music while at the show. Say Anything were so great that in my eyes and even the eyes of Bayside, I didn’t know how Bayside would stack up after seeing them. Bayside then closed out the show with the best performance I’ve seen them do.

The band played a stacked 18-song set. From really early tunes to brand new ones, they spanned their discography in a pretty balanced way. As I gazed out into the crowd during their set, I saw arms in the air, heard the roar of people sing and all attention toward the band. It truly felt special. There was hardly a cell phone in sight, just people completely in the moment, singing their hearts out to everything and dancing for the whole set. I can’t remember the last show I saw where that happened.

Bayside were tight and their chemistry never ceases to amaze me. They opened the show with a stripped down rendition of their song “They Looked Like Strong Hands.” A spotlight illuminated singer, Anthony Raneri. He stood at the barricade, up close and personal with the crowd. Starting the show with a singalong set the tone for the evening and ultimately was a beautiful moment to watch. From that point on they ripped through some Bayside classics such as “Sick, Sick, Sick,” “Duality” and “Montauk” as well as some deeper cuts like “The Walking Wounded,” “Masterpiece,” and “Whitest Lie.”

Sound and lighting were spot on too. The mix was well balanced and the each instrument had distinct clarity.

After almost two hours, Bayside closed the show the with “Devotion and Desire.” I felt the floor bounced beneath my feet and the crowd exploded into beautiful chaos.

Their set ended but the night was hardly over. Bayside hosted Emo Night and continued to entertain the crowd even more.

This show was incredibly special and definitely will be one I’ll never forget. Catch Bayside and Say Anything on their remaining tour dates together.


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Setlist for the evening:

  1. They Looked Like Strong Hands
  2. Already Gone
  3. They’re Not Horses, They’re Unicorns
  4. Sick, Sick, Sick
  5. Masterpiece
  6. Big Cheese
  7. The Walking Wounded
  8. Blame It On Bad Luck
  9. Mary
  10. Duality
  11. Montauk
  12. Burnout
  13. I’ve Been Dead All Day
  14. I and I
  15. Don’t Call Me Peanut
  16. The Whitest Lie
  17. Hello Shitty
  18. Devotion and Desire