KRANE: Enter the trap house

by Keenan Ketzner

Sometimes musical notoriety comes without warning. Especially in the modern era where home producers can circumvent labels and distributors to get heard on the internet, every so often one of them has both good tunes and rides the perfect online algorithm towards widespread recognition. So is the case of Seattle-born Zachary Krane.

Better known as his producer name, KRANE, and for a minor period of time, KRNE, until he amassed enough fans to return to KRANE, Zach has made a name for himself in the trap/EDM production game. “I never intended to make a career or name for myself, it was all just for fun, and the name KRANE was taken on Soundcloud so just dropped the A,” he explained. “Now that things got a bit more serious, added the A in to just be clear. It’s my last name…”

What’s surprising is Zach started off his musical journey not even focused on electronic music. Instead, he was trying to explore the possibilities of his guitar skills.

“I grew up playing guitar and realized I wasn’t playing as much as I wanted with others, around that time my brother showed me what was going on with Soundcloud and I started just making beats for fun. The whole thing grew rather organically and wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I quit my job and decided to make a career of it.”

KRANE often plays in Seattle and the California area, both areas he grew up around, and in some ways captures part of the essence of his music: excitation, hip-hop vibes, electronics, the coastal tides, progressive perspectives, and a welcoming nature. Zach said it’s why he loves how intimate his headlining shows are.

“I always put unreleased stuff in my set, and the greatest feeling is to see people go crazy over something they’ve never heard. That’s a really special feeling… I get to really bring my own sound, and the crowds feel open and receptive to just having fun and letting go of expectations”

Zach’s also in a special place to be in the internet era of art. It’s become increasingly difficult to make money off of music, but from being ruthless with his musical approach in performing live shows, constantly putting out new material, and even recently releasing “sound packs” for people to download and use in assembling their own songs, KRANE has been able to make it his full time job.

“Motivation is intrinsic. Music production is an addiction for me. And a passion and hobby, as well as my job. So I pretty much always wish I was working on music at all times of the day.”

KRANE also never looks back; the goal is always the next things, which is going to be bigger and better than the last. Zach even said that his favorite projects are “always the ones I’m currently working on, but now more than ever.”

“I’m currently putting together two EPs which has been super challenging to do, but also super fun,” he said about a current project. “I’m experimenting with two different mediums… [Also] a few interesting collaborations coming, some remixes in the near future. I’ll be playing a fair amount of my unreleased stuff at the show. I usually do this to see if it makes the cut for release.”

With head-nodding drums and ear tickling melodies, you can catch KRANE performing live at the Wild Buffalo on May 11.