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LIVE REVIEW – Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids) and Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio/Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room)

As the sun set on Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood on Saturday May 20, concert goers filed into the Sunset Tavern to a sold out show featuring Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids) and Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio/Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room).

I always love attending shows like this – they feel incredibly intimate and persMatt_Dan034 Matt_Dan038 Matt_Dan047 Matt_Dan081onal. Nowadays it would be completely impossible to see The Get Up Kids and Alkaline Trio in such a small context. This show seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity and certainly lived up to that expectation.

Opening the show was Pryor’s 15-year-old daughter, Lily Pryor, and in many ways stole the concert. She played a mixture of originals and covers acoustically. Lily Pryor’s original songs were mature and her covers creatively arranged.

One of my favorite moments was her cover of Britney Spear’s “Toxic.” Here is this young woman, playing to a sold out crowd on what I assume was her first tour and she owned it. On top of everything, she is a talented vocalist and guitar player with tons of potential. Watch out, Matt, before you know it, you’ll be opening for Lily.

She was also got school credit for the tour, how awesome is that?

Following up Lily was Bobby’s Oar/Greg Hughes as a solo acoustic set. Hughes had his work cut out for him basically from the beginning but following Lily, he had it even harder.

His folk punk/emo songs were incredibly personal and honest and sounded incredible. The songs varied in feeling and style. His belting vocals easily transitioned to soft and quiet while playing seemingly complex guitar parts. I admired his gratitude to play the show and had I been in his position I would have felt the same way. It’s always refreshing to see people be grateful for the position they’re in.

From there it was on to the headliners for the evening. Matt Pryor went on first.

The set was a lovely mixture of The Get Up Kids, personal work and anecdotes. Watching Pryor perform his songs was enthralling. Hearing such familiar songs like “Valentine” and “Better Half” in a different context gave new life to songs. As people sang along, I saw the effect his music had on everyone else and it was beautiful.

If the night couldn’t get any better Matt brought Lily back on stage and they closed out his set with a few more songs. Their chemistry on stage was great. They joked and seemed to take their last performance of the tour with tons of enjoyment. I don’t recall a moment where either of them weren’t smiling.

Dan Andriano closed out the show with a mixture of Alkaline Trio and Dan Andriano in the Emergency tunes. By this point everyone seemed to be singing to everything. From well known songs like “Emma” and “It’s Gonna Rain All Day,” to b-sides like “Standard Break from Life” and “I’m Fine.”

As mentioned previously, I love how shows like these feel so intimate and personal and during Andriano’s set it felt great to see how involved everyone was getting into his performance. Even heckling from the crowd to play certain songs didn’t phase him and his unassuming personality is incredibly admirable.

After almost an hour of performing, he brought out Matt Pryor for just a few more songs. Before they even began to perform together, it was apparent how much chemistry they had on stage together and how much they enjoyed each other’s presence. Watching them perform songs they recorded together was beautiful.

Apart from the music being wonderful, the biggest thing I noticed from that evening was how each performer was so grateful to be where they were and for the people attending their show and those acts of humility will be something I always remember.

-Tommy Calderon