Le Beat: August 2017

Local notes on what’s happening with musicians, events and more. Have something to share? Send your info to editor@whatsup-magazine.com.


Lots of stuff happening in the music scene these days – some good, some bad, some sexy. I’ll let you decide which is which. And with that, we begin this month’s le Beat, the Page Six of the Bellingham music scene.



Meghan Yates and the Reverie Machine have completed their latest release, slated to come out in September (which will, oddly enough, be written about in these very pages!). For more about the “Experimental Joy Folk Fusion” band – which originated in Maine and also calls Bellingham home – see their Facebook page!

Mogons, have released a slayin’ three song EP on bandcamp that you should really check out. This is one of Jason Sands’s five million bands, which means it’s fantastic.

I was listening to the Turantula Town by Twin Sibling the other day and it kind of freaked me out… in a good way… in a way that I wish more bands freaked me out. Uncomfortable, but really challenging and engaging music. Find it on bandcamp.

Noisywaters have just released Verano and it’s taking off. The electronic duo combine pop hooks, classical instruments (like the harp) and trap beats. Between them, Metsa and WMD, you can see the next wave of electronic music coming… ride it, don’t let it crash over ya.

Step Dads will be releasing Momento on Lifevest Records in August, then heading out on a month-long tour. Do I love bands that release good records on good labels? Yes. Do I love bands who tour, especially when they’re out for a month and they’ll probably be eating canned spam by week two? Yes. Is this very rock ‘n’ roll? Yes. Go check them out at the Alternative Library on Aug. 16 with The Co Founder, Iffy Comma and Hello, I’m Sorry.

The Spider Ferns, the husband and wife duo of Kelly and Alton Fleek, began recording their next release. If you get a chance, follow Kelly on Facebook because, nearest I can tell, she makes a lot of cakes and they look delicious. The band is also epically good, and that’s wonderful, but I’m also hungry and wish I could have one of her cakes. They’re wonderful people.

Recorded in March of 2016, the new Rookery album might end up seeing the light of day after all! The band is starting to get on top of the mixing/mastering needs and will hopefully send it off soon. Will it happen some time this year? Who knows… but I’m just happy to see the band has some mojo still to it.

According to Paul Turpin, Kristin Allen Zito is slowly working on a new album at Champion Street Studios (aka, Paul’s Place). While the wonderful KAZ no longer lives here, Champion Street is in Bellingham, so I get to talk about her recording new music. Which is delightful. My daughters often listen to some of her album, The Atlas.

Boxcutter PNW have headed into the studio with Rich “The Fist” Canut to record their debut album, which according to Robby Cleary, will actually be an album… on vinyl because punk rock should ALWAYS be on vinyl. It will be on other formats via N7E, but vinyl is the key. The key to my heart. Also, N7E are taking submissions for a second regional compilation. Find him and get him your songs.

DJ Einstein is getting back in the mix with a release of a new mashup album/video project. He’s worked on the mix – breaking down the songs and rebuilding them, though he didn’t just stick with the music, but did the same with the corresponding videos, then mashed them back together. It’s pretty genius and stoked to see how it turns out. If you are as well, the video portion will be held at the Pickford on Aug. 30 at 6:30pm, then some of the old Sunday Cypher crew will get together later at the Shakedown that night. STOKED.



In late June, Vervex’s “Worthless Teenager” off the Castor EP was used by Amazon Kitchen for a Strawberry Galette. Congrats, Jake! It was great hearing your music on a great recipe!

Manatee Commune has signed with APA booking, which, according to my sources, means he’s going to be getting even bigger shows… BIGGER SHOWS! Have you seen some of his crowds? They’re pretty damn epic… dude is blowwwwwwwing up. CONGRATS!

Crazy stuff happening in the Deadly D world… Their song “Oompa” has gotten over a million listens on Soundcloud and Steve Borden is being flown down to Miami at the end of the month where he is being played on THE hip hop station there three times a day. His video for “Highway Home” was released as I’m writing le beat… check.it.out!

The Comics Place has opened a second location in Fairhaven called Moon Base Games and Comics at 1105 McKenzie Ave. What’s this mean? Django Bohren has been a busy, busy boy (#somanymonthsofdjango #famous).

Did you know Anthony Navarro (Second Hand Suits/Thee Unsound) is also in Machine Animal with Zach Van Houten, Dave Crider and Nick Evans (also Second Hand Suits)? Did you know they also just recorded, though there’s no immediate release date? WELP, now you do!

So… in the “I didn’t know that” file, Star Anna lives in Bellingham. She moved up here fairly recently and has been laying low, recording and doing her thing, but hopefully she’ll start playing more music in town.  Star Anna is one of the best singer songwriters the Northwest has around…. Sweet! Oh yeah, look for a story on her in an upcoming issue when her albums (yes, plural) come out.

The Co Founder’s 7” is now being distributed in the UK and Brazil… hopefully they’ll be in Argentina soon as well. The band is also in the studio for 10 days working on their follow album. I’ve heard demos of the tracks and Hayden Eller continues to be a) awesome and b) really awesome at songwriting.

If you have a daughter and have been thinking about signing her up for a future Bellingham Girls Rock Camp, DO IT, it’s a glorious program! Also, watch for “dad pics” of my daughter’s performance in the next issue or online.



Trevor Weidenbacher moved to Seattle last month, which absolutely sucks. I love that dude and what he brought to the electronic scene and all the shows he worked at the Buff. .

DRFTRS might be calling it a day, at the very least they’ll be on hiatus while two of their members are moving to Seattle. I was all excited to feature them and they sent me the crappy news. Dig what this band is about and wish they could’ve stayed in town and made some more good music.

Mhostly Ghostly are no longer Bellingham residents. I wish them well in Seattle, but would be wishing them more well if they’d stayed up here making cool and stretched out music.

Sometimes it really sucks being Seattle’s music farm team.

In “damn that’s crappy” news, Glow has shut down. It’s been rumored they were shutting their doors for awhile, but the news is disappointing nonetheless. We’ve had good times there and wish them well. Evan’s the best and I’m sorry to see him have to shut it down. Hopefully, someone new will come and work some magic, resurrecting the venue. Hopefully.

Lots more happening out there, but that’s about it for now. Have something to share for September? E-mail brent@whatsup-magazine.com or hit me on Facebook.

Enjoy the last stretch of summer!

Hugs and kisses,