Chimney: Ain’t no party like a pizza party

by Landon Groves

photo by Jake Loci

Somewhere at the crossroads of contemporary and unconventional stands Chimney, Western Washington’s homegrown garage rock trio. From the beginning, they’ve blurred the lines between beauty and angst with their melody-driven hard rock. Their latest album, Pizza EP, is a stunning showcase of their range as musicians, and their live performances speak for themselves. Now, basking in the afterglow of a small Northwest tour, the band is faced with one question: What’s next?

With Dain Weisner on vocals and guitar, Thomas Hudson on bass, and Will Luckensmeyer behind the kit, the group packed their gear into a 4-door Mercedes and headed south with fellow locals Step Dads and The Dawn Bombs close behind. From there they played a string of eight shows in nine nights, reaching as far as Eugene, OR before turning around and heading back up for a homecoming show at The Mind Palace.

“I really underestimated how taxing it was gonna be, and how fun it was gonna be,” Will said, pausing to chat between taking orders and pouring espresso.

“It was cool being on tour with other bands too, because it just made us that much closer,” Dain said. “The three of us kind of cemented our band-ship.”

Not long after returning home, the group released their debut EP. The album blends the energy of their shows with the sincerity of their songwriting, striking that balance between playful and honest. Pizza EP sheds light on a more subdued side of the band, one that’s often overpowered by the riff-heavy rhythms that follow. The secret? Drawing inspiration from everywhere.

“I really like stoner metal, Dain came in with more of an indie pop sound, and Will had kind of a jazz influence,” Thomas explained. “So I’d say that Chimney is kind of about combining those softer pop parts with heavier guitar riffs.”

“It’s garage rock, if people are looking for a genre, but I like to think we have more melody behind it,” Dain said. “It’s pop covered in a bunch of other shit, like angst and shitty guitars.”

Recording the EP took place over a three-month process at Champion Street Studios. The band spent days and nights in the booth with engineers Sam Wesner and Ethan Donovan getting guitar tones and drum mics just right.

“It was a lot of work, and it took a long time, but it was awesome,” Dain said. “We’re so lucky to be able to get in there and have access to all that equipment.”

The origin of the band is far more humble, set in the basement of Bellingham’s infamous Blue Mansion, when a drunken jam session between Dain and Thomas gave them a jolt of inspiration. Not long after, they were sifting through band names. In May of 2015, they started playing shows.

Now, more than a year later, a lot has changed for Chimney. They’ve swapped drummers, dropped an EP, and made a big enough splash to play shows outside of the state. They’re regulars at multiple venues around town, and a crowd favorite at this year’s Bellingham Arts & Music Festival. So what’s next?

“We’re excited for house show season to roll around, and for fall to start up so we can start playing some shows again,” Dain said.

“It’s a good time to be in Bellingham,” Thomas added. “We’re gonna try to play a few shows every month, write some new music, do what we do best I guess. Hang out and have fun.”

For more information about Chimney, check out their Facebook page. Take a listen to their new Pizza EP at