Le Beat: September 2017

Local notes on what’s happening with musicians, events and more. Have something to share? Send your info to editor@whatsup-magazine.com.


Well hello there my dear friends, welcome to another le beat, where you get to see if I mention Django Bohren again this issue.

Before I get to that… did you know What’s Up! is turning 20 in March? To celebrate, we’re going to do a big ol’ festival in town. The details are still being worked out, just keep the first weekend of March open for complete music madness. On the flipside, we won’t be doing an awards show this year. We might do some type of “best of” at the end of the year, so stay tuned. Plus, you know we’re going to do something wild when the mag turns 21!

One of these days I’ll get our shirts to Unknown for sale… will it be this month? Could be. It really could be.



Middle James have released Kappa 263, a cool little EP. This band kind of trips me out – the bass player, Gideon Wolfe, is the son of Eric Wolfe who played in a bunch of great bands when I moved to town in ’92. He was instrumental in what was happening, which I instantly fell in love with… now, 25 years later, his son is in a band that I’m now writing about. Weird. Old.

The Co Founder are releasing their latest in October, making Hayden and crew one of the most prolific and hard working bands around. I heard some rough demos from the record awhile back and it kills.

WMD is releasing Reminisce on Sept. 5 with a release show at Make.Shift on Sept. 9 and it’s going to be fantastic. Can’t wait to hear the new record – we’ll be writing about the project sometime this fall (though I’m not sure he knows this yet. Ummmm, surprise!).

Thee Unsound (Casey from Medici, Anthony from Machine Animal/Second Hand Suits and Chris – Vellichor) have released their debut EP and I’m STOKED! Of course, I’d be more stoked if Anthony got me the record… which will probably happen within minutes of writing this. ALSO look for a story on the band this fall, though this time they know it. (Editor’s note: Five minutes later, still waiting).

Crooked Neighbors are recording a new EP and have shirts. A few months ago, that band was DONE and, thanks to the forces in the world, they’ve brought the project back to life. I’m guessing we’ll do a story on them as well… or maybe we won’t. I DON’T KNOW, MIGUEL, I CAN’T DECIDE… maybe if you send me flowers it’ll happen.

Sanoma spent much of the summer in the studio and have come out of hiding to play some music. Not sure when the album is coming out, but… ya know it’ll be damn good!

Bob Fossil is releasing their latest, and greatest, on Sept. 1 with their release party at the Alternative Library on Sept. 8 with House of Blue Leaves and Sour Magnolia. Story in October? Check.



PUP is coming to Bellingham!! Be at the Wild Buffalo on Sept. 14, it’s going to be ridiculous. No Guts is opening… which makes it pretty much the best double bill ever.

Andy Beer, Ryan Clapper, Ryan Greer, Tim Pennington and Chris “THE HAWK” Nelson have a new band – they debuted in August but have already changed their name. I don’t know what it is or if they’ve even decided on it… I think they should just call themselves the All Stars, because really, that’s what they are. Or Post-Totalizer, which is also what they are. That’s all I’ve got for ideas, boys, sorry.

Momo Grace have changed their named to Motus and are, essentially, approaching the project as a new band. Check them out next month as shows arise!



Nate Kahn is now 21 and to celebrate, he and the Step Dads hit the road. I think if I’d hit the road as I turned 21, I’d be dead, so… Nate, be a responsible good boy. Also, pick up their new record on Lifevest titled Memento.

Tetrachromat have been on the road this summer, hitting some dates on the West Coast. As they toured, the band had a new disc in hand which included their album Chrysanthemum, their single, “Aubade” and a remix of “Kodama.” The band is also heading into the studio this month, which hopefully means new material soon!

Mostafa is continuing his summer tour, hitting a dozen or so dates in August with One Be Lo and Landon Wordswell, including San Jose, Reno and Salt Lake City. Wanna know to tour and make it work? Ask Mostafa ‘cuz he’s the damn king of the road lately. The dude’s devotion to his craft blows me away.



My friend from Alexander will be hosting his yearly Bellingham/PNW themed radio show on Sept. 17 and would love some local music submissions. Alexander is from Germany and his family has a house in Whatcom. He’s been up here a few times and loves it… So, it’s not just some random dude in Germany asking for local stuff, he’s a great dude with a genuine love of our scene. If you’re interested in connecting with him, shoot me an email (brent@whatsup-magazine.com) and I’ll connect you.

A new bar will be opening up at 311 Holly, hopefully in October. The Orion is the brainchild of Sean McKee (The Narrows/Deadly D) and Johnny McIntyre (ex-Rooftops, lots of other bands). I’ll hopefully have more details next month, but I’m STOKED about this – two great dudes with a sense of Bellingham history…

The Allery has a rad show happening this month with new works for Corey Urlacher, Alex Reisfar, Jason Soles and Alexis Babcock. I love this gallery and it’s going to be beautiful, dark and amazing. Go check it out, at 1319 Cornwall Ave #104.

We recapped a while back that the Tillie Lace Gallery was now the Cooper Lanza Gallery and School of Fine Art. Cooper (Morgan from Bellingham Girls Rock Camp’s mom) is a world class artist and is teaching classes – too many to list here. Check out facebook.com/cooperlanzagallery/ for more information!

I’ve been told Manatee Commune is no longer living in Bellingham, having taken up residency in Detroit for a bit. I wish Grant the best, and look forward to another wave of great musicians leaving Bellingham… which I’ve seen happen many, many times. On a side note, please don’t leave.

While I’m pretty used to seeing musicians leave town for greener (usually much larger and more concrete) pastures, it’s pretty sweet when they move back, as is the case with one of my favorite people in the world, Laine Keniston! She moved back last month and the town is already more glorious with her presence.

Rock 101, presented by Bellingham Music, is back! Sean Meyer, along with Tasha Kern will be teaching your kiddos how to be kick ass rock stars! Check out Rock 101 on FB for more info. Classes begin in September.

Here’s to some more good news in the local music scene world!

August brought in some special babies! Firstly, Sarah and Zack Van Houten welcomed baby Zachary on Aug. 4. Four days later, ex-Bellingham friends, Joel Myrene and Katja Gottbrecht welcomed little Evan on Aug. 8. Congrats to the new parents!! You’re going to rock it.

We’re always thinking of Lucas Hicks, who while living with cancer and still recovering from the horrible effects of chemo, has been out playing music and living life. Continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He had a positive response to a new cancer therapy he’s been on. We wish him the best always. He’s an inspiration to us all.

Think that’s about it from here… Got Thee Unsound as I was finishing this. AND I LOVE IT!

Hugs and kisses,