Le Beat: October 2017

Local notes on what’s happening with musicians, events and more. Have something to share? Send your info to editor@whatsup-magazine.com.


Local drummer god Jason McGerr is heading to LA this month to start the new Death Cab for Cutie record. It’ll be the first with the new line up and I can’t wait to hear how it comes together. My daughter has been taking drum lessons from Jason and his excitement for the new record is fun to see. Incidentally, the band is celebrating 20 years this fall/early winter! It’s amazing the band has gone on so long, making great music out of the PNW.

Black Radish spent some time in Champion St. Studio with Meghan Shilling with an album coming out soon (no official ETA). Can’t wait to hear this band recorded, think the next year is going to be good one for the mighty Black Radish!

Anacortes/Bellingham’s SiLM will be releasing their next album in the winter, possibly in December according to drummer Erik Wallace (last month’s very sexy pin up). SiLM is another one of those bands that doesn’t get nearly the recognition or fan love it should. Hopefully with a new album and renewed energy towards the band, that’ll change.

The Co Founder (you might have heard of them) will be releasing their latest (and greatest) in February. I thought it was sooner than that, but Hayden and crew are a meticulous bunch! They’ll be on the road in early November as well, heading down the West Coast from Nov.1-12.

The good times gang, Hot Damn Scandal, are releasing a new album on Oct. 20. I’ve heard a few of the songs and, not surprisingly, it’s absolutely wonderful. The band doesn’t play quite as much as they used too – according to Pete, they’re now spread out all over Washington State. But, thankfully, they’re keeping things going and we get to enjoy it.

The Shimmertraps’ second EP, Ozius, is out and you should listen to it. This band needs to play a lot more – they’re one of the hidden pop gems in town could make you fall in love with them AT ANY SECOND.


I’ve been digging the new Eastsound record lately , reminiscent of late 90s Canadian pop. Check them out on bandcamp; it says they live in Seattle, but the boys in the band pretty much all live up here now (or most at least).

Dog Mountain’s song “Purity,” off their soon to be released debut full length, Meadow, was debuted on KEXP in September. The song, which shows the bands continued sonic and songwriting growth, included a cool interview on the KEXP website. I’m glad the band, at least half, still live up this way and am really, really looking forward to the new record.

Natural Cut Records, the brain child of Daniel Von Herbulis, is releasing a new one by Michael Trew. Judging by the first song, it should be another epic release by the label – cool, very weird and amazing. So, it’s pretty much like all the Natural Cut Records releases. Look for it next month.

Last month (September), I received an email from some dude telling me I should check out the band We Won’t Leave. I don’t get nearly enough of these emails and so when it happens, I usually will at least take a quick listen. OK, cool enough… about two hours later, I was on Facebook and saw a sponsored post by the band, excitedly talking about their new album. I checked it out, album kills and started looking into the band… Turns out one of the guys is the son of Johnny Sangster and nephew of Jim Sangster – two long time Seattle musicians and guys I grew up watching and listening too (Jim was in the Young Fresh Fellows, one of my favorite bands in high school). Unfortunately, Malcolm Sangster isn’t in the band anymore as he’s moved to Japan, but the band is still going and will hopefully begin doing some serious shows soon – if I have anything to do with it, they will. This band is real and damn good – made of former KUGS DJs, they get music and how to make it interesting. Check out the band online and, hopefully, you’ll start seeing shows from them soon.

No Guts is releasing a new record (I have waited YEARS to be able to say this). The band is part of a four band single comp on Tiny Dragon Music called NWPunk… Whatever #2 with Ramona, Choke the Pope and Ol’ Doris. HOPEFULLY, this is the beginning of more music being released. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

LifeVest Records have released another comp, this time with all proceeds going to the Girls Rock Camp of Sacramento (they were kidding about spreading the love). Most of the bands are from that area, minus a couple who are on the roster. Get the record, help the Girls Rock Camp of Sacramento out!



Gabe Taylor (ex-FFA/All Nighters) is on another mondo tour with Daikaiju – approximately seven weeks that takes them from Texas, up the midwest, down to the south, over to the Southwest and back to Texas. Hope they make their way back to Bellingham again as this band is ridiculously fun live. Just out the vids when you get a chance.

You know how much I love Thee Unsound – I mean, it’s love, serious, serious love. The band have released their record online and will be heading out on the road in November. In one year, yer gonna go “holy shit, Thee Unsound are pretty damn huge.” Bellingham huge, of course, not Washington state huge yet. Just give it time!



Primus (with Bellingham’s Tim Alexander on drums) has recently released a new record that has garnered rave reviews and are headed out on tour in late October/early November. Unfortunately, no West Coast dates as of yet. Tim has also just released Herb’s Cider, a hard cider available at Elizabeth Station. He had a cider release/Primus listening party there at the end of September, which I had to miss, but desperately wish I’d been there for. Congrats, Tim, on the coolness happening.

Looks like House of Blue Leaves have pretty much called it a day – at least the Bellingham version of the band. For their last two Bellingham shows, they went back to a two-piece and now Alessandro De Caro is moving to Los Angeles shortly with bandmate Joseph Giordano to following later on. Both are ready to move onto bigger and better things down in Los Angeles and we wish them the best of luck!

So, there’s a DJ in Ferndale named DJ InEffect who is also a dairy farmer. THAT is an interesting story in itself… but the dude is becoming a huge player on the European EDM scene! We’ll be doing a story on him soon… but, in the mean time, you have been introduced to the mighty DJ InEffect.

There’s more happening… but, ya know, I’m gonna call it good for now. But before I go… I’d like to remind everyone to be cool with one another. These are stressful times and it’s easy to lash out or, at the very least, be angry all the time. It’s up to each of us to be cool in spite of all the crap – or, at the very least, do your best. We live in a beautiful place with, generally, wonderful people. Enjoy it.


Hugs and kisses,