We Won’t Leave, as simple as that

by Anthony Navarro and Brent Cole

We Won’t Leave intends to stick around. After replacing two members – drummer Nolan Price (also ex-Couch) last year and Malcolm Sangster this summer, they’re still moving forward steadfast and starry eyed. September marked the release of their debut full length You Alone and they’re hoping to keep the momentum going.  Zach Toth (Guitar), Justin Thompson (Vocals), Audrey La Point (Drums), and Luke Evans (Bass) are out on a mission to set themselves apart, and it seems they’ve accomplished just that.

Taking the better part of a year to record at Champion Studios with Will Clawson and Ash Nickolaychuk they’re understandably proud of their product. “[Recording] was a lot of fun because it was a bit of a learning experience for both parties, Will being new to mixing, and us being new to recording as a band in the studio,” Zach stated. “Lots of trials, errors and happy accidents led to us being very excited about this release after a looooooonnng period of recording it.”

The record lends itself to a cohesive sound of jaunty, bratty power pop with some “new wave goofiness and a little glam on top of it all,” said newby Luke. “…It was a lot of fun to see a sound come together after so much time practicing and bonding as friends,” Justin added. “We’ve always enjoyed bands and records with a variety of sounds. A lot of the album came together out of a stress of not having anything to remember this period of our lives. It’s more or less a happy accident that it sounds good. What it is, is honest and that matters to us the most.”

The shift in members over the last year has helped the band change and develop their sound. I think the founding members were all heavily influenced by Pacific Northwest rock ‘n’ roll, grunge and punk (what we grew up listening to). But there are new influences creeping in all the time and even more so since new members came in,” stated Justin with Luke adding, “I think everyone kinda brings their own influences, I know I make it a little fuzzier and heavier.”

Unsurprisingly they are looking to the future planning on touring in the coming spring, breaking into the Seattle scene, and already planning their next release. Audrey explained, “We’ve been trying since the summer to crack the Seattle nut. But it’s so fun and easy to gig right here at home, we spent the summer doing that. This fall, we’re thinking either we invade Seattle or the countryside around it in the form of dive bars and open fields. A dream would be to do the whole West Coast, and we’re hoping the LP release will get the stone rolling.”

The name while probably not intended, is an astute depiction of who they are. Through any setback or hardship they’ve come out the other side still enthusiastic and confident in their music. Emboldened with a steady lineup and a fresh record, we’re looking at a band on the edge of breakthrough. Whether that will be local or regional remains to be seen.

Catch We Won’t Leave at Make.Shift Dec. 2 with Machine Animal and Itchy Kitty. Follow online at facebook.com/wewontleave.