What’s Up!’s 20th Birthday: 100+ bands, 40+ venues, March 2-3!

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*Information was updated at 7:43 a.m.., March 1, 2018.*

What’s Up! is celebrating 20 YEARS in March 2018! We are hosting a music festival on Friday and Saturday, March 2-3, with 40+ venues and 100+ bands turning downtown Bellingham into a live music explosion. This will be the biggest festival in downtown history.

Local bands, including some favorites from days gone by, will be playing throughout downtown in music venues, coffee shops, record stores, restaurants and everything in between. All shows are free, in the exception of a handful of shows featuring reunited bands.

The complete schedule is as follows:

Friday, March 2 • All shows are FREE


• EAT: Orb Trio


• Alternative Library: Dodo, Tetrachromat, We Won’t Leave (joint show with Karate Church – DVSAS/Alt Library benefit, donation requested)

• Cap’s: Gallowmaker

• Karate Church: Shimmertraps, Hello, I’m Sorry (joint show with Alt Library – DVSAS/Alt Library benefit, donation requested)

• Greene’s Corner: Ruby

• Menace: Local Ghost, Willie Reavis and his Weary Boys


• Gruff: No Guts, Vellichor

• Make.Shift: The Wednesdays, The Shows, I Love You Avalanche


• Honey Moon: Louis Ledford, Devin Champlin, Bellow Wing


• Boscoe’s: Fluencie, Flais

• Culture Cafe: DJ Little

• The Cabin Tavern: Clambake, guests

• The Shakedown: Sugar Sugar Sugar, Camarojuana, Stone Healer, Five Gears in Reverse, Language Arts

• The Up and Up: OSO, Rubber Bandit Boogie Brigade

• Waterfront: Dead Hexers, Muppet Fetish, Bad History, Switch Addictions, Boris Budd and the Bongquistadors

• The Wild Buffalo: WMD (9pm), Noisywaters (10pm), Bob Fossil (11pm), Mr. Feelgood and the Firm Believers (midnight)


Saturday, March 3 • AFTERNOON, all shows are FREE!


• Sylvia Center: Bellinghome Music School showcase with Heroes, Cash and the Spare Change, The Green Frogs


• Aladdin’s: Jimmy-town Serenaders, Bar Tabac

• Comics Place: Jake Barrow, Luke and Toby from The Palisades

• Community Food Co-op: Sam Chue, Finn Hopper


• Avalon: The Dawn Bombs, Good Sleep

• Brandywine Kitchen: Medici, Katie Gray

• Brotha Dudes: Travis Rambo

• Cosmos Bistro: Cat Valley

• Grand Ave Alehouse: Robert Blake Big Band, Sweetheart of the Rodeo

• The Hub: Dryland, Mount Saturn

• Rudy’s Pizza: Giants Causeway Duo, Puirt na Gael


• AB Crepes: Chandler Trey Johnson, Mike Graves

• Mallard Ice Cream: Laine Keniston

• Film Is Truth: Capture Infinity!, Ego Arcadia

• The Shakedown: The Spider Ferns, Future Habitat


• Bellingham Folk School: Gallowglass, James Higgins

• Copper Hog: Blue Star

• Everyday Music: Delia*s, Porch Cat

• Melvin Brewery: Shanty Dwellers, Girl Meets Boy

• The Temple Bar: Cassidy Bloom


• Boundary Bay: Cat From Hue, Candysound, The Palisades

• Modsock: Crooked Neighbors


• EAT: The Tea Seas Trio

• Sabbath Tattoo: Serpent Sun, Cavurn

• Old World Deli: Meghan Yates and the Reverie Machine


Saturday night, March 3 • Free, except where noted $


• The Cabin Tavern: The Elvi’s, Chris Con Carne

• Cap’s: The Narrows

• Greene’s Corner: Sweet Goodbyes

• Gruff: Todos Somos Lee, Ship to Ship, Falling Upstairs

• Kulshan: Danny Vogel, Lonebird

• Menace Brewery: Sky Colony, Whiskey Fever


• Unknown: Four Letter Words, Apostate Cancer

• The Shakedown, 8pm ($): Footstompin’ Trio, Chuckanut Drive, The Ames


• Honey Moon: Impressions with Morgan Paris Lanza, Julian MacDonough and the Monkey Knife Fight Improvisitory Struggle


• Boscoe’s: Deadly D, Lonely Crowded

• Culture Cafe: J Will

• The Wild Buffalo ($): The Trucks, Black Eyes and Neckties, Jill Brazil, The Growers, Keaton Collective, The Patio Kings

• Up and Up: Fretts, The Illogicians

• Waterfront: Meece, Crystal Myth, Maneken Hand, Cousin Marvin


Sunday, March 4

• Sunday Social at The Cabin, 11am: Havilah Rand and Louis Ledford will be singing songs along with special guest appearances by musicians who are performing in the What’s Up! 20th Birthday Celebration weekend.

• What’s Up! 20th Birthday Sunday Closing Ceremony, 2-4pm: Featuring Guillotine Eyes at Cap Hansen’s.


HUGE thanks to our sponsors: Elysian Brewery, Melvin Brewery, Aslan Brewery, Boundary Bay Brewery, The Joint, Herbal Legends, Cap Hansen’s, Red Rum, Bellinghome Music School, Boscoe’s, Brandywine, Carnelian Agency, Honeymoon, HOSAco, Jeff Braimes, The Redlight, Sabbath Tattoo, Streat Food, Cosmos Bistro, EAT Restaurant and Bar, Horseshoe Cafe, McKays Taphouse, Binary Recording Studio, Old School Tattoo, Satori, Kulshan Brewery, Menace Brewing, Modsock, Alice Clark, and Jeckyl & Hyde.

Please follow our Facebook page as well for updates and event links: https://www.facebook.com/whatsupmagazinebham

Thanks for joining us and we look forward to celebrating with you! Remember to have fun and be safe! 

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