The Dawn Bombs: New release coming soon

by Sara Bourgeau

photo by Josie Rademacher

The Dawn Bombs will soon be releasing a new EP, Hella Slouchy, signaling a growth in fan base, style and songwriting.

With most of the recording and editing done by the band, along with help from friends and students of the audio minor, the album has been a long time coming. “It’s a concept that we’ve had for a while, like pretty close to the beginning of our formation,” said Ruben Gomez (bass). “It’s a lot of our earlier songs that we’ve been performing for a while, mixed with the new direction that we’re heading into.”

He added, “The goal is to make interesting music while still having catchy hooks and poppy accessibility. We love good pop, but we also love weird music.

The band’s first EP, Greetings From…, was released in January of 2017, containing three of The Dawn Bombs’ most popular songs. They have since performed at Western and various venues downtown including The Make.Shift, focusing on all ages venues.

There are two new songs being added to the current EP, along with five songs that they have been continuously playing. “The idea is that it’s just really simple and kind of dancy, jazzy stuff you can move to. It’s not necessarily so tight and crisp, there’s this kind of dirt to it. It’s not perfectly seamed,” Gomez said.

It was in a music class at Western when Gomez met Benjamin Waight. They partnered up to study for the class together and what started as a study session soon turned into a jam session. Along with another friend, Will Luckensmeyer, they began to play together and perform songs written by Waight. Combining the different musical influences brought by each member of the band, they crafted a unique sound together.

Gomez is typically on bass, Waight on vocals and guitar, and Luckensmeyer was on drums. The band used to rotate instruments as a part of their set, but recently they have started working with a new drummer, Erik Anders, who also assists with vocals, but they no longer switch instruments during shows. They combine their own influences of jazz, pop and indie rock to create a new and groovy sound.

“We all have a wide range of influences, but we all love all of it. One of us will share this really cool idea or this influence and we just build off of it,” Gomez said.

In December of 2015 they hosted their first show for free at what is now known as The Mind Palace playing their newly written, first four songs. Gomez said the first show was overwhelming. “I had never been in a performance situation with that many energetic people,” he said. “It was just crazy to finish a piece that I had barely learned and barely had down, and have a wall of screaming support after finishing.”

It was tough for The Dawn Bombs to book gigs at the start, Gomez said. Once they began to play in venues downtown, they were put on a list and were contacted by more and more places to play while also playing house shows and various events for Western. The band has also gone on various tours, including one down to Eugene, Oregon and back over a course of nine days with Step Dads and Chimney.

One of Gomez’s favorite shows was a house show in Seattle where they opened for Naked Giants. “Naked Giants gave a really, crazy set. They had a lot of thematic things happen. An hour into their set, all the lights went out, fog came out and all these laser lights came on. It was a very unique and crazy experience. They give a really live set with their energy,” Gomez said. The Dawn Bombs are currently trying to book more out of town shows to gain more exposure and a larger audience.

“From there, we just kept writing, doing more shows and the rest is history,” said Gomez.

See The Dawn Bombs on Saturday, March 3 at Avalon Records at 2 p.m. as part of the What’s Up!’s 20th birthday celebration. For more about The Dawn Bombs, and their upcoming release Hella Slouchy, see their Facebook page and website at