CloZee: Secret places

by Caitlin Cohen

Chloé Herry aka CloZee is a producer from Toulouse, France, who’s opening the ears and hearts of people nationwide. Herry comes from a musically rich background of classical guitar, self-taught electronic music production, and an education in sound engineering. This foundation led her to crafting a sound that blends the familiar with the mysterious.

Each layer in her tracks acts as chapters in a story. Each sound is introduced one at a time so they can be individually heard then synthesized together—taking the listener through a sensational and tranquil journey. CloZee combines organic sounds like guitar, citar, and even birds chirping with powerful electronic bass resulting in this compelling, raw sound that is unpredictable and all her own.

“I love the combination of both. Organic sounds are what we know and recognize: they ground us, make us vibrate, and they bring images,” said Herry.  “The electronic sounds are the unknown: we don’t know what they look like, they are abstract, they are good for the imagination so we create our own perception of them.”

The places that music can take someone are priceless. CloZee’s music has this surreal, dreamlike feeling to it that can take someone out of reality. She puts a lot of love into her art and doesn’t limit who can listen to it by making her music available on free platforms.

“I just want my music to be accessible to anyone. We all have been in a situation where we can’t buy an album because money is tight at the end of the month, but we ADORE this album,” said Herry.  “Personally, it makes me want to support the artist even more when we have the choice to buy it or not: you can pay whatever you want on Bandcamp, you share the music with your friends, go to concerts, and buy the artist’s merchandise…because you want to thank the artist another way, anytime you can.”

CloZee has notoriously traveled to perform at numerous venues and festivals such as Lighting in a Bottle, Electric Forest, Oregon Eclipse, Bonnaroo, and Shambhala. She is on the road again for her fall tour in honor of releasing her first full-length album: Evasion. Her new material will act as a montage of parts of herself and her memories from over the years.

“EVASION is the culmination of my years of researches and experiences: traveling, touring, meeting new people, discovering new cultures, new landscapes. I finally felt ready to propose a complete musical story that suits me, without barriers.” said Herry. “I have very different influences for this album: a night in the streets of Tokyo, a dancer, a beach of Les Landes, a stormy evening in the mountains, the jungle of Costa Rica, the #MeToo movement, and the Nevada desert…”

The clubs sets of the Evasion tour will be different than her festival performances where she adapts the set list according to the festival vibe and includes 15-20% of other people’s music that are her favorite songs of the moment. The Evasion tour sets will be entirely composed of CloZee’s music. Audiences can expect to experience entirely new material as 80 percent of the set will be off of the Evasion album and will include new remixes, unreleased songs, but will still have some older favorites.

She is especially excited to put on a show that will be different than her usual DJ setup—the show will feature light and laser visuals that will pair with the musical story-telling. The album is about escaping reality so she wants to provide that same feeling for the listener at her live performance.

CloZee is looking forward to playing for new people or providing a new set for those who have seen her before. She is also excited to showcase something she’s made in hopes of it creating a sense of bringing people together. “Hopefully my music is bringing them all in the same secret places, so they feel all connected to share the same experience.”

CloZee will perform at the Wild Buffalo on September 16 at 9:30pm. She said she is visiting Bellingham for the first time and wants to invite you all to come to the show so we all can experience it together!